The Walking Dead season 7 episode 4 death predictions for ‘Service’

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in Episode 4Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in Episode 4Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Who is most likely to die during The Walking Dead season 7 episode 4 titled “Service”? Check out the death predictions for Sunday, November 13, 2016.

If there was ever a good week to predict some deaths on The Walking Dead, this would be it. While most of the time, the hit zombie survival drama doesn’t kill off their major characters unless there is a big reason for it, the events of season 7 episode 4 titled “Service” might just meet that qualification.

According to both the synopsis and sneak peek videos, the November 13, 2016 episode is going to focus on the people of Alexandria attempting to overcome their losses and keep themselves together now that they are working for Negan and The Saviors.

But now, it looks like tribute is due. In the teasers, Negan and his men arrive at the gates of Rick’s community and that means tensions as well as emotions could hit an all-time high in the walled community.

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It will be hard for Rick to keep everyone in line. And not everyone in the community might respect or fear Negan the way the people who experienced the events in the season 7 premiere have learned to. Because of that, there could be some heads being smashed to prove a point to those who might still oppose or question The Saviors.

However, that likely won’t be the case. Although the people of Alexandria are hurting and angry, the odds are that no major character will lose their life this week.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be teases though. Negan will assert his power and so will his men, but eliminating more people to gather supplies for The Saviors would be a huge mistake and possibly push Alexandria even closer to revolting.

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There shouldn’t be any major deaths in The Walking Dead 704, but “Service” will likely be another intense episode in the season. The extra running time should help make the new episode on Sunday, November 13, 2016