Live chat: The Walking Dead season 7 episode 4 ‘Service’

Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead season 7 trailer, AMC
Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead season 7 trailer, AMC /

Do you need a place to discuss The Walking Dead 704 titled ‘Service’ on Sunday, November 13, 2016 while the episode airs on AMC? We have got you covered!

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has not been kind to Rick Grimes and the people of Alexandria. The brutal premiere broke the spirits of the survivors and changed the way the community would live forever.

After two episodes where fans learned what life was like at The Kingdom and The Sanctuary, it’s time to take a look back at Rick and his people to see how they’re getting by after being broken down by The Saviors.

It will be very interesting to see how they are adjusting to living under Negan’s rules and seeing how Rick handles breaking the news of everything that has happened to the people of Alexandria.

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There should be a lot to discuss during season 7 episode 4 of The Walking Dead titled “Service”, but sometimes it’s nice to have some other fans to talk to during episodes to share thoughts and opinions or maybe even crack a joke or two.

For those fans, they should definitely join the LIVE CHAT with Undead Walking!

In the comments below, there will be an up to the minute discussion about tonight’s episode which will have people from Undead Walking as well as other fans on hand to break down the action during the east coast broadcast of the show. The comments will automatically update, so there is no need to reload or refresh!

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Join us at 9 pm/8c right here to discuss The Walking Dead 704 titled “Service” at 9 pm/8c. Hopefully, there will be a good group on hand and talks can be both informative and fun during tonight’s episode!