The Walking Dead season 7 episode 5 ‘Go Getters’ death predictions

Paul "Jesus" Rovia (Tom Payne) in Episode 5Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Paul "Jesus" Rovia (Tom Payne) in Episode 5Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Which characters could die during season 7 episode 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead which airs on Sunday, November 20, 2016? Check out the death predictions.

The survivors from Alexandria were able to escape their first visit from Negan and The Saviors without any casualties, but fans of the hit AMC zombie survival drama The Walking Dead know that things can change in the drop of a hat.

Sunday’s episode is the fifth installment of season 7, and is titled “Go Getters”. According to PREVIEW #1 and PREVIEW #2, it appears that while the episode may mostly focus on The Hilltop, it will also jump around to other locations in the apocalypse as well.

This means that nobody is safe and guessing who might be meeting their doom on Sunday could be a huge craps shoot. Just about any character is up in the air right now, so let’s talk about the three most likely to be killed off this episode.

#3. Jesus – HIGHLY Unlikely

As the man who helped to bring Alexandria and The Hilltop together and set up the boundaries for trade, there are a couple of different options as to why Jesus could be in major trouble. First, Gregory could blame him for the loss of their supplies and the association with Rick’s group. Second, The Saviors could get intel that he is someone both communities care about, and that would make him a great target for when the pickup is light.

#2. Spencer – Possible

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Let’s face it, Spencer seems like a ticking time bomb. He’s not taking anything Rick or Negan says seriously and has already put people in danger. Now, he’s been spouting off at the mouth about poor leadership and the downfall of Alexandria. He could either do something stupid or get taught a lesson by Rick and Alexandria.

#1 Gregory – Most likely

Negan’s men already demanded Gregory’s head be brought to them once before. Being on the wrong side of The Saviors is a bad thing, especially when they come again for food and supplies and end up finding out that they don’t have enough to give to satisfy the pickup. Gregory is the man who made the deal with Alexandria and will likely squeal on the friendly group, but all that matters in the end is that they don’t have enough to keep The Saviors happy.

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Who do you think will die during The Walking Dead season 7 episode 5 titled “Go Getters”? Will any of the three listed above make their final appearance? Or will everyone live another day in the zombie apocalypse? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.