The Walking Dead: Why Those Green Balloons Are So Important

Aaron, Carl, Rick, Gabriel, and Enid with a member of The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC
Aaron, Carl, Rick, Gabriel, and Enid with a member of The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Enid had to beg a member of The Saviors in order to keep some green balloons during season 7 episode 4 of The Walking Dead, but why did she care so much?

There were a lot of uncomfortable moments in The Walking Dead’s latest episode, “Service”. But one of the most uncomfortable for fans was watching a Savior creep on Enid over some green balloons.

There was a collective, “Eww’ from the fandom when the Savior got in her face demanding she say “Please” over and over to keep the balloons. Every time he called her, “little girl” fans at home had a visceral reaction to the creepiness of his tone. Even though it’s been made clear that Negan doesn’t allow rape in Sanctuary or among his men it was still a moment that made a lot of fans squirm.

In the world of The Walking Dead green balloons aren’t just balloons. Enid stands up  to the creepy Savior in order to save her green balloons. The Savior doesn’t know why they are important, but fans do. Those balloons are Enid’s last connection to Glenn.

Similar Past Incidents

It was similar to other scenes of implied potential sexual violence that have occurred in the past. When Beth confronted Gorman in Season 5 and ultimately killed him fans felt the same reaction, and were thrilled when she killed him. Also, way back in Season 3 when The Governor held Maggie and Glenn he made her take her shirt off to intimidate and humiliate her.  The Walking Dead has always managed to handle the delicate topic of rape in the post-apocalyptic world gently even when it comes to it affecting beloved characters. But every time it comes up within the storyline it makes fans pretty uncomfortable.

Why The Green Balloons Are Special

Glenn and Enid - The Walking Dead, AMC
Glenn and Enid – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Enid handled herself well in the situation and didn’t challenge the Savior but didn’t back down either. While they were plundering Alexandria the Saviors looked for opportunities to be jerks and push buttons by taking things that they knew had emotional meaning to the people of Alexandria.

Taking their mattresses and furniture was a crappy thing to do but Rick and others have gone without creature comforts before. That wouldn’t hurt them as much as the Saviors think. Taking personal items, like the green balloons, is what will hurt them. So why are the green balloons so important?

“Head’s Up”

The Walking Dead, AMC
The Walking Dead, AMC /

Back in Season 6  the writers psyched everyone out and faked Glenn’s death after Nicholas committed suicide. After Glenn gets out from under the dumpster he finds Enid. She had run away from Alexandria.

Enid was still wrestling with the deaths of her parents. Losing them made her afraid to get close to people.  Glenn talks to her about dealing with loss and moving on after losing people. He talks about Hershel and he tells Enid,” You honor the dead by going on. You live, because they don’t get to.”

A Sign of Life

As they approach Alexandria the find it surrounded by walkers. Glenn releases some green balloons as a signal to Maggie and the others that he is ok. Those green balloons are a symbol of hope and life. With Glenn gone and Maggie at Hilltop those green balloons are the last connection that Enid has to the two people who became her family in Alexandria.

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This was the first look fans have had at the group after the deaths of Glenn and Abe. In the timeline of the show only about three days have passed since Negan killed Glenn and Abe so the grief of the people who loved them is still very fresh. The green balloons were a poignant reminder of Glenn’s words about honoring the dead.