Live chat: The Walking Dead season 7 episode 5 ‘Go Getters’

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Are you looking for a place to talk season 7 episode 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead while it airs on television? Join Undead Walking for a live chat!

There is a lot going on in the world of The Walking Dead. Specifically, Negan and The Saviors have shaken the people of Alexandria to their core and made the future of survival in the zombie apocalypse even more difficult.

Alexandria isn’t the only community to live in fear from Negan and his men. Before Rick and the gang learned about the power of the people from The Sanctuary, The Hilltop and The Kingdom were dealing with them already.

Now, it is time for Gregory and the rest of the people of The Hilltop to give their payment to Negan. This will be an issue though, since they have already given half of everything to Alexandria in hopes they would be able to eliminate the threat of The Saviors.

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This should be an interesting and intense episode of the hit AMC zombie survival drama, and fans will want to talk about it. For this, it is recommended that you join Undead Walking in the live chat during the broadcast of The Walking Dead.

You don’t need to go anywhere special. Just return to this page at 9 pm/8c when The Walking Dead season 7 episode 5 is live during the east coast airing of “Go Getters” and take part in the conversation in the comments below.

There is no need to refresh the page or reload your browser, since new messages will appear automatically, making the discussion fast, live, and interactive!

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Hopefully, we can get a good crowd going during the episode. The more perspectives and opinion in the chat means it will be more fun for everyone. Plus, you get some of the best awful jokes ever thanks to Undead Walking site expert Adam Carlson, which is worth the price of admission alone!