The Walking Dead season 7 ‘The Weeks Ahead’ preview video

Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) in Episode 6Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) in Episode 6Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

A preview for the next three episodes of The Walking Dead has been released by AMC and there looks to have a lot of action in store in the future.

Now that the situation between Negan’s men and the people at The Hilltop appears to be taken care of for now, the question is what can be in store for the survivors now that everything appears to be back to ‘normal’ on The Walking Dead.

The first teaser for next week’s episode titled ‘Swear’ will have the heads of fans spinning with so many things happening in a short period of time and many different characters getting some time on the screen.

Here is the first official teaser video for the remaining episode before The Walking Dead takes its midseason break as shared on official YouTube channel of AMC:

Remember, it says “in the weeks ahead” and not next week, so that is something interesting to note.

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However, the teaser kicks off with Negan addressing his men in a big building. He talks about civilization and bringing salvation to the world, calling he group The Saviors.

The scene shifts to multiple locations, including Tara near a house, Carol’s new home, The Kingdom, and more. One person from The Kingdom talks about how a group cannot be trusted, but it is not revealed who. Morgan then asks him what it is he is asking.

The scene from the season 7 Comic Con trailer with Tara hiding in fear in the woods is part of the clip. But a new scene with Rick and Aaron jumping a fence marked with a warning of “Keep going. The only thing here for you is trouble.”

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The Walking Dead episode 706 is titled ‘Swear’ and will air on AMC. Watch for it on November 27, 2016 to find out more about how life in the zombie apocalypse is being impacted by the rule of Negan and The Saviors and what other things can happen during the episode next week.