The Walking Dead 705: ‘This is Our Home Now’ Talked About Scene

Gregory (Xander Berkeley), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 5Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Gregory (Xander Berkeley), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 5Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

In the most talked about scene in The Walking Dead from episode 705, ‘Go Getters’, Jesus and Maggie lay down the law a little bit with Gregory.

This short scene is so filled with important clues to details that start to fill in some gaps as we look closer at the dialogue and meaning behind some of the behavior and conduct we witness.

The events that take place are filled with emotion, but there are subtle messages behind the events in this scene that take us all the way back to before the deal was made between Alexandria and Hilltop.

If we look at things from Gregory’s point of view, he thinks that he has made nice with the Saviors. Something happened back with Ethan where they tried to send a message to Gregory or Hilltop needed to send better booty or they would kill Ethan’s brother.

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We’ve seen how capricious Negan can be. It might not have even been Negan. It could have been one of Negan’s Negans deciding to throw a scare into Hilltop to keep them on their toes and make them give a little extra to them. Maybe Primo and laughing Head holder wanted some extra food.

So Gregory wants to back pedal on his deal with Alexandria now that he knows that it fell through anyway. He knows “Rich” and his group weren’t successful so now he has to go to plan B and see if he can suck up to his new Simon Negan.

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So plausible deniability is his idea that doesn’t include Marcia and Sally. Perhaps in his mind they were willing to take out the Saviors to save themselves, what’s 2 Alexandrians to do the same thing? They didn’t follow through with their end, why should he help them?

Of course, we don’t see it that way. We see Hilltop as good people. We want to help them and they should want to help us. We see the Saviors as a common enemy. It’s different from when we considered taking over Alexandria. Or is it?

In any case. Jesus has come to care about Maggie and Sasha. He knows what kind of man Gregory is. He stands up for the girls. And Maggie stands up for herself. Jesus lays down the threat of blowing a hole in plausible deniability and tells Gregory that they will be a happy dysfunctional family.

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But when Gregory tries to act like he will agree to Jesus’ suggestion but makes it seem like it’s a suitable option and he’s graciously going along, Maggie has had enough. She steps up and lets him have it–physically and verbally knocking some sense into him and giving us chills as she announces that she is Maggie Rhee.