The Walking Dead S7E5 recap: Go Getters

Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Gregory (Xander Berkeley) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 5Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Gregory (Xander Berkeley) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 5Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead “Go Getters” brings us full circle with what happened to Maggie and Sasha. We also see some conflict between Jesus and Gregory, and a new Savior boss rolls in.

Maggie wakes up to see purple flowers in a vase. Dr. Carson is there to tell her that she suffered a separation of the placenta from the uterus, but she didn’t lose the baby. He says that she should stay there for the duration of her pregnancy, and he lets her hear the heartbeat. She asks him to repeat everything.

Outside the trailer, Maggie finds Sasha waiting for her and she asks where they are. They go to the graves, and Sasha hands her the watch from Glenn’s pocket. “All Abraham had was a cigar,” she adds. Maggie kissed the pocket watch that passed from her father to Glenn, and Sasha says everything feels wrong. Maggie says not everything is wrong, and that Harlan told her that they should stay close in case something happens. Sasha pledges to stay with her.

Jesus arrives with fresh flowers. Blue flowers, he says, inspire strength and calm. Gregory comes up and says he thought they were going to get them all, but Maggie says it was just an outpost. Gregory calls her “Marcia” and Jesus immediately corrects him. Gregory is beside himself and is furious that they buried Glenn and Abraham there. Gregory says he can’t keep track of everyone’s names, but that he has been recuperating. He tells Jesus that there’s no way the women can stay there because it shows Negan’s men that they were colluding. Plausible deniability is very important to them. Sasha points out that they were in this together, since he provided them with the wrong information. Gregory waves it off and tells them that they need to leave the next day. Jesus follows after him, and he’s not happy.

Carl is shooting darts and Rick is trying to convince him to go with them on a supply run since Negan will be back soon. Carl wants to stay and watch Judith. Aaron and Michonne leave the room with Rick, and Rick leaves the walkie talkie with her. She wishes them luck and then gives him a lingering kiss. He thanks her before leaving.

Carl asks why Michonne didn’t go with Rick, and she says it’s because she’s trying to figure things out. Carl thinks his dad is wrong and that Michonne knows it. Michonne leaves Carl and tells him to be nice to Olivia. Carl spots Enid escaping again. She’s heading to the Hilltop to see Maggie. He tells Enid that it’s a long walk, and she says that she has better aim than he does. She’s sorry for what she said, and that Carl had to witness Glenn and Abraham’s deaths.

Jesus says he’s glad that Maggie and Sasha are there. He’s going to try to convince Gregory to keep them there, but it’s not up to him. He’s not a leader. Sasha offers to scavenge for the Hilltop. Jesus says that might work, but he’s just there to help. His frustration is palpable. He hands Sasha Abraham’s necklace that he lost when he was there the last time. Jesus likes Abraham, as he was one of the only people who “could make you smile and wince at the same time.” Maggie arrives and sees the little room Jesus was preparing for them. She says they won’t be there that long. She wants to know why they burn their dead, and he says it’s so that they can keep going. When Jesus leaves, Maggie wonders what they do next. Sasha says that they could just stay, because what could he do to them. Maggie says he’s a coward and that makes him dangerous.

Enid spots a wet spot on the ground and stops. A Walker approaches, and out of nowhere a car crushes it. It’s Carl. He’s out for a drive.

Maggie and Sasha are awakened in the middle of the night by music blaring from speakers inside a car that has been parked in the middle of the courtyard. Sasha looks out the window to see fires blazing and the gates open, with Walkers pouring inside. Sasha jumps out of their trailer and runs into the field. Jesus comes out and goes to help her. Other Hilltoppers come out and try to help, but they’re just as confused as Maggie and Sasha. Sasha works to open the car when Jesus approaches. They go off to close the gates while Maggie rides up in the trailer to crush the car. Jesus and Sasha work in tandem to kill as many Walkers as possible.

Enid and Carl walk along the road. Carl says he watched it all and didn’t look away. He says he knew he needed to remember it so that when he has the chance to kill him he won’t hesitate. “You do things for the ones you love. Loved,” Enid says. They’re on the way to the Hilltop together.

Gregory pours himself a drink and says it doesn’t matter that they helped them, they can’t stay. Maggie and Sasha burst inside and Gregory says he was going to get them rhubarb preserves for them before they leave. Gregory doesn’t want them to stay. Of course, that’s when Negan’s men show up. He ushers them inside the closet in hopes of getting them out alive.

Carl finds roller skates on the side of the road and the duo skates down the road, holding hands.

Gregory opens the door for Negan’s men. They all enter, guns drawn. Negan’s man Simon says they’re brothers and sisters have been removed from the field of play and that they need to talk. Simon wants to see Gregory’s painting. Gregory says the message from last night was received. Simon wants to know what message he got from it, and Gregory says that it’s that Negan is in charge. Simon says that last night was them working hard to show them who’s boss. He wanted the Hilltoppers to remember what the Walkers look and smell like, and they were going to clean up for them but Gregory took care of it. Simon says that the old group working for them is dead, and Gregory feigns surprise. Simon says that the people who killed them are working for Negan now, and that they’re the real “go getters.” So now Simon is their Negan, and they’re working for Simon now. Simon asks if there is anything else they should know, and Gregory makes a decision. He leads Simon out and opens the closet door, and it’s full of scotch. Jesus shakes his head. Simon says he’s a gin man, but it’s quite a gesture. Simon says Negan will love it, and he’s going to say it’s from him, but he loves the gesture.

While Simon thanks him, Gregory exchanges looks with Jesus, who shakes his head. They’re going to clear the place out of half of everything, including the painting. And before he forgets, Simon wants Gregory to kneel for him. He pats Gregory’s head and says it was a solid kneel. The men leave, and Jesus glares at him.

Carl and Enid spot Negan’s men, but Carl doesn’t think Negan is there. He sees Simon though. Enid knows that he’s not there for her; he’s there to find Negan. And it would be for Carl, not for Glenn and Abraham and Enid. She wants to know how he’d get away and she says it would matter to her. They share a kiss. “Please don’t go,” she begs. She knows she can’t stop him. “I’ll see you,” he says. “No, she won’t.”

Gregory is furious that Jesus hid Sasha and Maggie in his bedroom closet and not the hall closet. Jesus threatens him and says that he will expose Gregory. He’s staying, and Maggie and Sasha are staying, and they’re all going to get along. Gregory says that he made real progress with the Saviors, but Jesus doesn’t see it that way. When Gregory tells Maggie they can be reasonable after all, she slugs him and fishes Glenn’s watch from his pocket. As he recovers, she tells him he’s going to call her by her given name since they’re going to live there not. “Not Marcia, not dear, not honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee.”

Maggie and Sasha look out the window while Jesus explains that Gregory was in charge when he got there. It used to be okay, but not anymore. Jesus says someone else needs to take control. He hopes they will let him make it up to them. When Maggie walks away, Sasha asks if he can figure out where Negan lives. One of the trucks is going back there and he says they can track it. Sasha wants to keep it between them, but he’s not comfortable with that.

Maggie finds Enid outside and she asks if Maggie is ok. She says she isn’t, but she will be. She hugs Enid. Later, Maggie tells her how she managed to crush the car with the trailer. Apparently she ran over a boy’s car in high school. Sasha comes in and asks why there are green balloons on Abraham’s grave. She gives Enid Glenn’s watch.

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As Maggie says a prayer, we see Simon’s men loading trucks. The trucks pull away as Sasha holds Abraham’s cigar in her mouth and sharpens her knife. Jesus jumps into the back of the truck and takes one of the bottles of the scotch and empties it out. You can imagine he’s going to fill the bottle with another liquid, but then he hears a noise. It’s Carl. He’s in the truck as well. That will be a very interesting road trip.