The Walking Dead: Why Simon is perfect as Negan’s right hand man

Simon (Steven Ogg) and Gregory (Xander Berkeley) in Episode 5Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Simon (Steven Ogg) and Gregory (Xander Berkeley) in Episode 5Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Simon is following in Negan’s footsteps when it comes to exerting his dominance at the Hilltop. So what makes him the perfect right hand man for Negan? Let’s take a look.

If you didn’t notice Simon before, he’s Negan’s super helpful right hand man who had a marker on him when Negan needed to draw a line on Carl’s arm. Like any good first mate, or personal assistant, or right hand man, Simon knows his boss well enough to anticipate his every need. He’s had his fill of the crazy Kool Aid and as a result he has fallen in line with Negan’s program.

And he loves it.

Simon shows up at the Hilltop in full Negan mode. He’s there doing official business, and that means he’s basically Negan in Negan’s absence. Unlike the other men from the Sanctuary, Simon knows his place in the greater scheme of things and that means that he can do whatever he wants in the name of Negan. He’s kind of like that kid who tattles on the other kids in class to curry favor with the teacher. Simon is a total brown-nosing teacher’s pet who is also a bully who revels in being a bully.

When Simon tells Gregory to kneel before him at the end of “Go Getters” he’s exerting his authority, and he’s also making sure that Gregory understands that when Negan isn’t around, Simon is in charge. Of course, had Negan shown up Simon would have been as quiet as a church mouse, but while the cat’s away the mouse can play.

Guys like Simon are dangerous. They’re willing to do anything to make sure that a job gets done so as to look good for the Big Boss. Simon took the Scotch and told Gregory he was going to say it was his gift. The bottom line is that no one is safe around guys like Simon. He’ll throw anyone under the bus to protect himself, and he’ll stop at nothing to ensure that he stays in Negan’s good graces. That puts a target on everyone around him.

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In sum, Simon is the perfect right hand man for Negan. In order to stay in Negan’s good graces, he’s willing to do anything to get the job done, and that’s the kind of attitude Negan appreciates.