Death predictions: The Walking Dead episode 706 ‘Swear’

Heath, The Walking Dead - AMC
Heath, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Who is most likely to die during The Walking Dead season 7 episode 6 titled ‘Swear’ airing on Sunday, November 27, 2016? Check out the death predictions!

Death is a regular thing during The Walking Dead. Even though it doesn’t happen every week on the hit AMC zombie survival drama, there is always a risk of a character saying their final goodbyes each week.

According to the preview for episode 706 titled ‘Swear’, this week’s new installment will focus on Tara and Heath while they are on their two-week supply run for Alexandria. Since there won’t be a lot of characters featured, the death predictions become quite simple.

For this week, let’s take a look at the death odds for the characters we know are involved in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead which airs on Sunday, November, 27, 2016:

#2. Tara – Chance of death: 15%

Man, Tara has had it rough. Everyone she gets close to seems to die, and when (or if) she gets back to Alexandria, she will be tested mentally in a way that very few people could imagine when she learns what happened with both Denise and Glenn.

Because seeing how she reacts to all that news would make for such compelling television, it’s hard to see this being where Tara’s story ends. For AMC to finish the love story between her and Denise like that would be depressing and Glenn could use for one more big emotional sendoff.

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Hopefully, this won’t be the end for her during this episode.

#1. Heath – Chance of death: 50%

As a complete contrast to Tara, Heath has yet to really establish himself as a player in Alexandria. He hasn’t had enough screen time to become someone to really care about and hasn’t created any ties with any other characters on the program.

Not only that, but Heath has been openly questioning Rick Grimes and the direction that Alexandria has been taking, and that hasn’t been a great position for individuals to take in the past on the show.

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There haven’t been any deaths since the season 7 premiere. While those losses were big ones, it has to be about the time for another loss to happen on the show. This could be the week it happens on AMC’s The Walking Dead, and if it does happen, it is likely to be Heath.