TWD Life Advice: Don’t bring Lucille in your carry on.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan with his bat Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan with his bat Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Public Service Announcement: TSA isn’t thrilled with people trying to being their replica Lucille bats as carry on luggage, so leave the Dirty Girl in your checked bag. #TheMoreYouKnow

As millions of holiday travelers pass through the nation’s airports this weekend, it’s a good idea to keep your replica Lucille bat in your checked bag. Baseball bats as carry ons are already on the banned items list. Evidently, TSA isn’t thrilled about a barbed-wire baseball bat being brought through security as a carry on. Makes sense, right?

Someone try telling that to Negan!

I’ve been to dozens of comic conventions over the years. Many of them are located here in Southern California, which means I can drive and not give too much thought to all of the stuff I buy, or the loads of swag I pick up along the way. The first time I flew to a convention I started to see the problem with getting loads of stuff—you have to get it back home. Sometimes you can stuff books and figurines into your luggage and remain confident that it will stay safe. However, posters are a challenge if the poster tube is bigger than your suitcase.

I have a friend who wanted to buy a replica Highlander sword. It was made of solid metal and was about 4 feet long. In order to get it home, he had to risk checking it in its packaging, or ship it. He chose to ship it, but then it took a week to get home.

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My recommendation: When you’re traveling to a convention like Walker Stalker Con and you know you’ll be picking up a few items, bring an extra suitcase and pack some bubble wrap and tape. You can always grab a newspaper for extra packing material, and that way you can pack your treasures safely and save the expense of having to ship them back home or risk damaging them by sending them through the luggage area by themselves.