Death predictions for The Walking Dead 707 ‘Sing Me A Song’

Carl Grimes and Jesus - The Walking Dead, AMC
Carl Grimes and Jesus - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Which characters might die during episode 707 of AMC’s The Walking Dead on December 4, 2016? Check out the death predictions for ‘Sing Me A Song’.

It is always scary when The Walking Dead approaches a midseason finale. That is when the hit AMC zombie survival drama usually kicks things up a notch and puts many of the important characters in very dangerous situations.

That’s the case leading up to season 7 episode 7 titled “Sing Me A Song”. Several characters are already on a scary path and others appear to be walking right into danger or are on route for a collision course with death.

Each week, one of the big questions is about whether or not there will be any major losses during the episode. For that, here’s a look at three of the top choices as death possibilities for The Walking Dead episode 707:

#3. Carl Grimes – Death Odds: 0.1%

Honestly, Carl isn’t going to die. He’s a character that is just too darned important to the storylines going forward on the show. However, young Mr. Grimes is currently in a bad situation as he is in the back of a truck headed right toward Negan and The Saviors. Because of that, he earns a spot on the list.

#2. Paul “Jesus” Rovia – Death Odds: 5%

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Jesus is a little more disposable than Carl, but still likely has some huge purposes to serve. He’s been a big part in developing the situation between The Hilltop and Alexandria as well as bringing Maggie back to the forefront. But, since he’s also in the truck at the moment, he deserves a place on the list.

#1. Spencer Monroe – Death Odds: 10%

If any character on The Walking Dead is a ticking clock right now, it’s Spencer. Standing up against Rick Grimes hasn’t been a smart thing to do in the past and it will likely not help the future of the Monroe family. He’s not in any immediate danger at the moment, but he will surely do something to put him or the people around him in danger very soon.

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Don’t miss The Walking Dead on Sunday, December 4, 2016. ‘Sing Me A Song’ will be essential in setting up the big midseason finale the following week and those episodes have always been full of action, drama, and intrigue.