The Walking Dead: Is Oceanside a good trading prospect for Alexandria?

Season 7 Episode 6Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 6Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

In The Walking Dead world trading can be essential for survival. Will Oceanside turn out to be a community that the survivors in Alexandria can trade with?

Right now the Oceanside community wants to remain hidden. Considering what’s going on in The Walking Dead world right now it’s understandable. The women and children of Oceanside have managed to create a very well hidden community that seems to be safe from both invaders and walkers. Or bobbers, as they call the walkers that wash up on their beaches.

But how long can their isolation realistically last? At some point they will either need to start trading with other communities or start scavenging. Their hidden location is great for security but not so great for feeding the community anything other than fish. They also will need clothing and other items.

It’s only a matter of time until the Saviors find them. The Saviors have a very long reach. They are well-organized and thorough. It’s not very likely that they will be able to stay hidden for a long period of time. It would be in their best interest to start building relationships with the other communities now. But, they are understandably wary of Tara’s group after hearing how they slaughtered an outpost full of Saviors.

Tara hasn’t mentioned Oceanside to anyone at Alexandria yet. She’s keeping her promise to Cyndie. But will she continue to keep their secret? When Tara finds out that the Saviors have taken all of Alexandria’s guns she may decide it’s necessary to let the others know.

What Oceanside Has to Trade

Assuming that Tara will Rick about Oceanside at some point the community does have a lot to offer in trade. Right now they have the two things that Rick and Team Family need the most: food and guns.

The food that Rick got as part of the deal with Hilltop won’t last very long. And after how things went down with Negan and the Saviors Hilltop isn’t going to be making any more deals. Oceanside has a practically unlimited amount of fresh fish, which would give the Alexandrians much needed protein.

Oceanside citizens - The Walking Dead, AMC
Oceanside citizens – The Walking Dead, AMC /

In The Walking Dead world protein is a valuable commodity. Alexandria does have a cow that provides milk and probably some chickens that produce eggs. But finding enough protein for everyone in the community is likely a constant challenge.

Oceanside also has a lot of heavy weaponry. Their supply of guns and ammunition seems to be large. Rick and the rest of the survivors at Alexandria need all the guns and ammunition they can get their hands on. Now that Negan has left them with no guns their defenses are weakened. And their plans to fight Negan are at a standstill until they can find a source for guns and ammo.

What Alexandria Has to Trade

So if Oceanside has valuable protein and even more valuable guns and ammunition what does Alexandria have that the Oceanside community might want in exchange? On the surface it doesn’t seem like Alexandria has much right now. Negan has just taken half of their stuff. They don’t have a lot of food.

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But they do have some fruit trees and other natural resources. The sandy soil and ocean environment surrounding Oceanside aren’t good for growing fruits or vegetables. The Alexandrians can trade fruit and fresh vegetables for guns and ammunition or fish. There are a lot of children at Oceanside and children need fruit and vegetables in order to grow.

They also have clothes and durable goods that the Oceansiders will need. They fled their old community quickly. They probably didn’t bring too many clothes or household items with them. Alexandria can provide them with warm clothing, blankets, furniture, and even entertainment items likes books and games. They may even be able to offer them things like solar panels or the supplies to build windmills to power the community.

Is Oceanside the Key to Taking Negan Down?

As long as the Saviors don’t know about Oceanside the people there could be a huge advantage for Rick and the group. If they can strike a deal with Oceanside and then hide the guns and ammunition where the Saviors won’t find it they will have the fire power they need to take on Negan.

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As it stands right now Rick and the group in Alexandria don’t have the weaponry they need to fight back. And there are not too places to get it. Oceanside could be the key to winning the war that is coming.