The Walking Dead ratings for “Swear” dip but ratings for “Go Getters” soar

Tara - The Walking Dead, AMC
Tara - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Ratings for The Walking Dead bottle episode “Swear” are consistent with other episodes this season. “Go Getters” ratings climbed by millions in the Live +3 ratings.

Fans had mixed feelings about “Swear”, last week’s bottle episode of The Walking Dead focused on Tara and Heath. But the live views for Sunday night stayed consistent at about 10.4 million. Live views have dropped a bit this season but the show is still soaring in Live +3 and Live +7 views.

“Swear” showed what happened to Tara and Heath on their two-week scavenging run. After getting into trouble and getting overrun by walkers Heath took off and Tara fell into the water. She washed up on shore near a community called Oceanside. Most of the episode focused on Tara escaping from Oceanside and getting back to Alexandria.

Tara hasn’t been seen in an episode since the end of Season 6. She and Heath left directly after the Savior slaughter at the outpost for their run. Some fans felt that the episode was just a filler episode. They were disappointed that none of the main group were seen. But many fans were glad to see Tara and Heath again after such a long absence.

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The live view numbers may seem low, but most of the episodes this season have shown a drop in live views. The Live+3 and Live+7 numbers always increase by millions though. So low live views aren’t a reflection on the overall popularity of the show.

“Go Getters” Soars

The previous episode, “Go Getters” is the fan favorite episode so far this season. It was a sad to see Maggie and Sasha dealing with their losses. But it was exciting to see Jesus and the Hilltop Colony again and to see Maggie start to emerge as a leader. Fans were also very relieved to learn that Baby Rhee is ok.

In the Live+3 ratings “Go Getters” picked up another 4 million views to finish up with 15.2 million views. That’s consistent with the other episodes this season except for the season premiere. The season premiere had over 20 million views but the premiere is usually more watched than other episodes.

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If The Walking Dead continues to finish strong in the Live+3 ratings the show can hang onto its title as the number one show on television. So don’t let scare tactics and dramatic headlines from media sources scare you. The Walking Dead ‘s ratings are very strong.