The Walking Dead: Is something fishy in Oceanside?


Let’s talk about Oceanside from a non comic reader’s perspective. Doesn’t it seem like something just doesn’t add up with those women?

Is it me, or is there something really fishy going on in Oceanside? The more I watched (and rewatched)  Tanya and Beatrice, and Cyndie and Rachel, the more I started to think something bigger is going on in the hidden colony. The colony of women seems a little too prepared given the stories that Tanya and Beatrice tell Tara. Their story seems to be missing a few key elements. Is there something they aren’t talking about? Are they hiding something?

The Walking Dead’s “Swear” introduces fans to the Oceanside colony, a very well-fortified group of women living in the middle of a forest with coastal access. Being near the sea affords them access to plenty of fish, and in a lot of ways it ensure that at least one of their boundaries is protected, as it’s not likely that people will wandering in from the water.

Their official story is that they fought the Saviors and lost, and the Saviors came and killed their men and boys over the age of ten. Instead of sticking around and working for the Saviors, they abandoned their homes overnight and established a new home that remains hidden from the Saviors. They’re so concerned about keeping Oceanside a secret that their rule is to kill anyone who encounters their home. No exceptions.

When Tara tells the story of how the Alexandrians took out the satellite station, Tanya and Beatrice exchange looks, as if they know they story she’s telling. Later, it’s Beatrice who reveals that Tara’s friends are probably already dead, and that by killing the people at the outpost they have started something beyond imagination. This doesn’t register for Tara at this point, but everything clicks when she returns to Alexandria and finds out what happened.

But doesn’t it seem like they’re really prepared for people who fled their homes in the middle of the night? Where did all of the weapons come from? That arsenal the Oceansiders have is impressive. They have guns and ammunition for days, which would be a huge help for the people in Alexandria who have just been cleaned out by Negan and his men.

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I could propose theories, such as the men left to join the Saviors before the women were discovered, keeping them away from the Saviors’ grasp. The bottom line is that something seems strange in Oceanside. It’s quite possible that the Oceansiders’ stories are completely true and they just have a weird way of talking about themselves. But as with all things in The Walking Dead universe, it’s always possible that there’s more going on than meets the eye.