Preview video #2: The Walking Dead episode 707 ‘Sing Me A Song’

Carl Grimes and Jesus - The Walking Dead, AMC
Carl Grimes and Jesus - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The second preview for season 7 episode 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead features Carl Grimes and what happens when he reaches Negan and the home of The Saviors.

Things are getting interesting on AMC’s zombie survival drama The Walking Dead. With many survivors in Alexandria and the surrounding communities feeling powerless over Negan and The Saviors, there are some people willing to take a stand.

One of those individuals is Carl Grimes. The young man made a big move getting in the back of one of the trucks headed for The Sanctuary to get an up close look at the home of Negan in hopes of getting some revenge.

Here is the sneak peek for The Walking Dead 707 showing a little bit of what is happening when Carl gets his wish and becomes face to face with The Saviors as shared on the official The Walking Dead Twitter account:

In the preview, it shows that Carl makes it all the way to The Sanctuary. What happens when he first arrives is unknown, but the new arrival to The Saviors has drawn the attention of their leader, Negan.

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During the video, Negan is seen with Carl by his side in many scenes. There will need to be some major explaining as to why the he isn’t doing everything he can to take out the man who killed both Glenn and Abraham in the season premiere.

An interesting scene shows Negan speaking with a blonde woman in what appears to be a bedroom. Carl is standing in the doorway watching the conversation when The Saviors’ leader turns to look at him.

Finally, the teaser ends with Carl removing his eyepatch for Negan, showing the wound created when Ron shot him during the walker invasion of Alexandria during season 6.

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Fans of The Walking Dead comic book series have been waiting for this episode for a while now. Several iconic scenes from the comic pages are likely to happen during this episode, so even fans not familiar with the graphic novel should have a lot to look forward to during “Sing Me A Song”.