Preview video #1: The Walking Dead episode 708 ‘Hearts Still Beating’

Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in Episode 8Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in Episode 8Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

The first sneak peek video for the midseason finale of The Walking Dead’s 7th season is intense. Here’s a look at episode 708 titled ‘Hearts Still Beating’.

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead. That means there will be a long break after episode 708 until there will be new episodes of the hit AMC zombie survival drama. But don’t get sad about that quite yet.

Season 7 episode 8 is titled “Hearts Still Beating” and should be a massive episode. AMC has a history of giving fans epic installments of the show during midseason finales, and there is no reason to think any differently about the one for season 7.

Thankfully, a first look at the episode is available. The official YouTube account of AMC has shared their first teaser for the episode. Check it out right now!

During the video, Olivia is crying on the porch and Tara approaches her. She stands on the porch, stunned for a moment and then hands Olivia the lemonade mix and mentioned that Denise liked it.

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This makes Olivia sniffle even more, but she thanks Tara and touches her face. Tara then stops Olivia and tells her to go home and let her take over the homemaker duties for Negan, since she can see he is getting under her skin.

Olivia says that she’s fine. She explains that she has an obligation to watch Judith and she has every intention on following through with that obligation.

The conversation takes a turn, and Olivia tells Tara that they are ‘about to sit’ and that she should go home. The clip ends with Tara having a very confused look on her face as the AMC music plays.

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Don’t miss the big midseason finale of The Walking Dead. Season 7 has built a lot of tension between many different characters and societies, and odds are that some of that conflict will be coming to a head on Sunday, December 11, 2016 during “Hearts Still Beating”.