Talking Dead S7E7 recap: Sing Me a Song

Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC
Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC /

Tonight’s episode of Talking Dead was a celebration of the performance Chandler Riggs gave on The Walking Dead episode “Sing Me a Song.”

There’s no question that tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was a very special episode. Chandler Riggs was able to shine in his role as Carl Grimes. It was very fitting, then, that Chandler Riggs, Gale Anne Hurd and Josh Homme joined Chris Hardwick on tonight’s Talking Dead to discuss “Sing Me a Song.”

The show started with Chris Hardwick telling Chandler Riggs that this was “great work.” Riggs, who is a huge fan of the comics, has been looking forward to this episode for a very long time. He said that it “sucks” because Morgan is a great guy and it’s hard having to hate him during their scenes. It’s a lot of fun working with him, “even though he makes [him] cry.”

Riggs admits that Carl was saying goodbye to Enid at the end of the fifth episode because no one thought he’d make it back alive. Gale Anne Hurd says that Carl didn’t just kill everyone because he isn’t a bad person. She goes on to say that watching Riggs’ range of emotion and his acting skill should be a primer for anyone out there who wants to learn how to do it.

Josh Homme was surprised by the size of the Sanctuary, calling it a “people factory.” He understands why Negan makes people kneel, and how you have to have order to rule over that many people.

In a clip, Jeffrey Dean Morgan says that he thinks that Negan knows something is special about Carl. He doesn’t talk to Carl like a kid, he treats him like an equal. Morgan mysteriously calls it the beginning of a very special relationship between them.

Hardwick agrees with what Jeffrey Dean Morgan says about a special relationship with Carl. Gale Anne Hurd says that variable conditioning is a very important piece of Negan’s arsenal. He wants people to feel uneasy, so that they agree with him instead of arguing because no one knows what he’s doing next.

Singing, Riggs said, was terrifying. Negan was trying to mess with Carl and Riggs agrees that it worked pretty well. Riggs talks about the amazing works for the eye prosthetic makeup he had to wear. It was much better, he said, than wearing the bandage all the time.

A caller asks about the relationship between Sherry and Negan. Sherry thinks she was making a good deal with Negan to save Dwight but it’s not working out for either of them. Now Dwight has been punished and she has to watch as Negan does his horrible deeds to other people. Negan seems to like her pushback, though.

An audience member asks if Carl respects Negan, and Riggs agrees that Negan treats Carl like an adult while Rick and Michonne treat him like a child. Hardwick notes that Negan’s system works, and it’s a big deal for Carl to see something that’s actually working, unlike what has been happening with Rick. He doesn’t think Carl would be upset by the truth about Judith; in fact, he thinks that Carl already knows about it.

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In another clip, Norman Reedus says that Negan makes Daryl clean up Mark’s mess in front of Carl to demonstrate that Negan controls Daryl, and this is meant to assert his authority.

Next week’s Talking Dead guests include Robert Kirkman, Norman Reedus, and a surprise cast member.