The Walking Dead Season 7: Quick recap to prepare for midseason finale

Eduardo. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Eduardo. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

It’s hard to imagine, but the midseason finale of season 7 of The Walking Dead is almost here. The season 6 cliffhanger is old news and we’re looking ahead.

While the cliffhanger itself of the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead  is old news and we are not waiting anymore for what seemed like an eternity to find out the answer to the question of who was Lucille’s victim, the ramifications of the cliffhanger will extend well into seasons to come.

Season 7 has flown by and quite a bit has happened in a short amount of chronological time-about 5 days.  In order to prepare for the midseason finale, let’s look back at those events.

The Line-Up

  • Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.
  • Abraham was it.
  • Abraham flashed a peace sign.
  • Negan taunted Rosita.
  • Daryl lashed out at Negan.
  • Negan punished Glenn for Daryl’s crime.
  • Negan didn’t think Rick understood the rules.
  • Negan took Rick on a road trip.
  • Negan threatened to have Rick cut off Carl’s hand.
  • Negan explained how working for him works.
  • Maggie and Sasha went to Hilltop.
  • The rest of the group went home.

The Kingdom

  • Walker-fed pigs keep the Saviors happy for this week’s delivery.
  • King Ezekiel tells Morgan that he keeps some secrets from the people.
  • Carol recovers from her gunshot wounds.
  • Carol meets King Ezequiel and Shiva.
  • Morgan trains Kingdom resident Benjamin in Aikido.
  • King Ezekiel explains to Carol that he was a zookeeper.
  • King Ezekiel explains hope and overdoing happiness at the Kingdom.
  • King Ezekiel talks Carol into staying in the Kingdom without really staying.
  • Carol moves into a house just outside the Kingdom.
  • King Ezekiel tells Carol that he cares because it makes him happy.

The Sanctuary

  • Daryl gets tortured with music and bad food.
  • Lots of traps, walkers, rules, and kneeling.
  • Negan wants to turn Daryl into one of his soldiers.
  • Carl sneaks into the Sanctuary and threatens Negan.
  • Negan psychologically tortures yet befriends Carl.
  • Jesus sneaks through the gates of the Sanctuary on the roof of a truck and disappears.
  • Negan has issues with some of his wives.
  • Negan uses the iron on a cheating Savior.
  • Someone slips a note to Daryl under the door with a key.


  • Maggie and Sasha arrived safely.
  • The doctor took care of Maggie.
  • The baby is fine, but Maggie needs rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.
  • Gregory wants Maggie and Sasha out to be able to work with the Saviors.
  • Jesus is starting to see that there are other options for leadership than Gregory.
  • Some Saviors staged a Walker Rave party in the yard of Hilltop.
  • Maggie turns the rave into a Monster Truck Rally.
  • The Saviors came and visited Gregory who gave them whiskey from the closet although he thought he was giving them Marcia and Sarah.
  • Maggie Rhee gave Gregory a speech and a punch in the face.
  • After Maggie’s speech and punch and some words from Jesus, Gregory decided that it might be okay for Sasha and Maggie to stay at Hilltop.
  • Sasha asked Jesus to find out where Negan lived.


  • A new community Tara inadvertently found after she escaped some walkers on a bridge.
  • Heath was still on the bridge where she fell and he’s still missing. #ppp
  • They usually kill strangers on sight.
  • The Saviors killed all their men and male children over 10.
  • They worked for the Saviors until they decided to escape–they fled and have been hiding ever since.
  • One of the residents helped Tara to escape if she promised that she would never lead anyone to them.


  • Negan showed up early to collect some things from his new workers.
  • Negan was impressed by Alexandria.
  • The Saviors version of a bunch of men and a truck moving company cleaned out the homes of their mattresses, chairs, supplies and good stuff.
  • The ever-practical Negan allowed Alexandria to keep all of their food supplies because they are so short and he wants them to be strong so they can scavenge for him.
  • Carl made the mistake of pointing a gun at some Saviors because they were taking more than half of their things causing Negan to want to strip Alexandria of all of its weapons.
  • Rosita wants Eugene to make a bullet.
  • Tara returns home and finds out about Denise, Glenn and Abraham.
  • Eugene makes a bullet for Rosita after she belittles him.
  • Spencer resents the position that Alexandria is in now because of Rick.
  • Father Gabriel gives Spencer a little advice.
  • Spencer finds some food supplies.
  • Michonne hijacks a Savior truck and asks to be taken to Negan.
  • Rick and Aaron are trying to get through a walker trap to scavenge for Negan.
  • Negan has brought Carl back to Alexandria.
  • Negan loves the ameniities in the luxury homes.
  • Negan found Judith and became the new Porchdick.

Going into the midseason finale there are more characters and more groups than ever before. However, with all of the anger, grief and denial, emotions are running high and the characters and groups are not even close to communicating with each other.

They all seem to have a common enemy, even some of the Saviors, but they are all in different places emotionally and physically and have different ideas about the best way to approach the situation so many have gone underground. Everyone is keeping secrets.

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Negan seems to be entertained by things so far and quite a few people are stepping out of line. Could this mean a super deadly and bloody midseason finale? He made a big show of rules being important with an iron ceremony on the Sanctuary, what might he do if he finds out about all of these individual coups going on?

The midseason finale airs this Sunday, December 11, on AMC.