Will seeing Negan with Judith bring back the Ricktator on The Walking Dead?

Negan with Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC
Negan with Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC /

It’s been a rough season of The Walking Dead for Rick Grimes. Will seeing Negan of The Saviors holding Judith going to be enough to inspire Rick to fight?

In last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Sing Me A Song” Negan ended up back in Alexandria. He found Judith and was holding her while he and Carl sat on the porch waiting for Rick. Negan told Carl that the suburbs were pretty nice. In a cheerful tone of voice he said that maybe he should kill Rick and Carl and set up house in Alexandria with Judith.

Will Negan threatening Judith be what it takes for Rick to snap out of the broken state of mind he’s been in since the season finale? It’s understandable that after the deaths of Glenn and Abe Rick felt like they had to submit to Negan. But no one else seems to agree with his decision to give in.

Eugene Porter and Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead, AMC
Eugene Porter and Spencer Monroe – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Rosita forced Eugene to make her a bullet. She’s probably planning on taking a shot at Negan the next time he comes to collect whatever they can scavenge. Michonne kidnapped a Savior and forced her to drive Michonne to Sanctuary. Sasha sent Jesus on a mission to find Sanctuary. The others are planning on fighting Negan not giving in to his demands.

Rick has been struggling with feeling responsible for the deaths of Glenn and Abe. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. But he has to know on some level that Negan isn’t going to stop taunting him. He’s always looking for something that will give him an edge on Rick. That’s how he plans on keeping Rick submissive.

Pushing Rick Too Far

Negan probably thinks that using Judith to get to Rick will work great. After all, he used Carl to break Rick before. Even though Rick was reeling from losing Glenn and Abe it was Negan almost forcing him to mutilate Carl that broke him. But going after Judith may backfire on Negan.

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Rick is not the kind of man to accept enforced servitude for long. Right now he is playing along with Negan’s demands trying to keep everyone safe. But eventually Negan’s constant taunts and demands will push Rick too far. When that happens Rick and the others are going to challenge Negan. And they won’t go down without a fight when that happens.

Seeing Negan holding Judith and realizing the threat that Negan poses to her might be enough to resurrect the Ricktator. Rick used to be a fierce fighter that would take out anyone or anything that threatened Carl. Saving his child was his entire mission.

Now he has to protect Carl and Judith. And he’s not stupid. He already knows that the only way Carl and Judith will be safe is if Negan is gone. He may not be ready to fight back just yet. But seeing Negan with Judith and Carl is going to kick-start the return of the fighter and leader that he used to be.

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The Walking Dead has always been focused on the journey that Rick is on to make sure his children survive in this new world. Rick’s not going to allow anyone to threaten the lives of his children for very long.