Will Rosita’s plan backfire in The Walking Dead midseason finale?

Spencer and Rosita - The Walking Dead, AMC
Spencer and Rosita - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Rosita risked her life to get a gun and forced Eugene make her a bullet. Is she planning on taking her single shot at Negan in Sunday’s midseason finale? If she takes the shot and misses the consequences will be severe.

Rosita’s been struggling since The Walking Dead premiere. She’s obviously having a hard time processing Abe’s death. But she also isn’t handling Rick’s decision to accept Negan’s rule over Alexandria very well. And her reluctance to embrace the new world order may end up getting someone killed in the midseason finale.

It’s pretty clear based on the last couple of episodes that a showdown is coming in the midseason finale. All the players are in position. Negan is in Alexandria without a lot of Saviors to back him up. Rosita is headed back to Alexandria with the gun and the bullet. Rick and Aaron are returning from their run. Something’s going to go down.

Right now it seems like a lot of the members of the group are looking to get revenge and free themselves from Negan’s rule. Unfortunately they are all doing it on their own and not working together. Michonne seems to have her own plan. Sasha has a plan. And it seems Rosita has a plan too.

Rosita’s plan isn’t complicated. If she gets a clear shot at Negan she’s going to take it. That’s the extent of the plan. But Rick isn’t going to be happy about that. If she tries to take a shot at Negan in the Safe Zone when Rick is there he will probably stop her. For the time being Rick seems to have totally accepted Negan being in charge.

Rosita Isn’t Challenging Rick

Even though Rosita is angry and frustrated with the situation she is still willing to accept Rick’s leadership. When Spencer is talking to Rosita at the gate in “Sing Me A Song” he mentions that Rick isn’t a good leader. Rosita scoffs at him and challenges him to do better. She doesn’t think Rick is a bad leader. But in this situation she doesn’t think he’s doing enough.

Rosita is just not someone who can accept orders from someone like Negan. Negan killed Abe, right in front of her, and Rosita isn’t going to let that go. She wants revenge for Abe. And Glenn. Even though she and Abe were not a couple anymore she still loved him and had a long history with him. It’s not in her nature to let Negan off the hook after what he did.

The Consequences

Rosita said to Eugene in “Sing Me A Song” that she would pay whatever price was required for taking a shot at Negan. But Eugene reminded her that she might not be the one to pay the price. If she takes her shot at Negan and kills him the entire group will have to deal with the Saviors. But if she takes her shot and misses she may not be the one who dies.

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Negan could decide to kill Judith, Carl, Olivia, Aaron or any of the other survivors at the Safe Zone. Rosita’s anger and frustration are understandable. But her reckless plan to get revenge could end up backfiring on her in a big way in The Walking Dead midseason finale.