The Walking Dead: Carol is back in latest midseason finale sneak peak

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The midseason finale of The Walking Dead is upon us and we are about to see some characters who have been away for a few episodes as things get complicated.

As the world got bigger, it became more difficult to see everyone in every episode of The Walking Dead. We haven’t seen Carol since we left her in the little house outside of The Kingdom after her talk with Ezekiel about why he cared and found out that it made him happy.

Carol and Morgan are still unaware of what happened to Abraham and Glenn and what is happening back in Alexandria now that Negan has taken over. Morgan is aware of the Saviors from the plan to take them out, but he doesn’t know the extent of their reach. He’s learning more about them from their dealings with the Kingdom though.

The Twitter account of AMC has released a third sneak peek teaser for the midseason finale that features Carol and Morgan. Watch the clip here:

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Carol’s last unexpected visitor was Ezekiel and from the clip we can infer that Ezekiel has visited Carol since then to keep her overflowing in fruit.

Back when Carol had left Alexandria and Carol was angry at Morgan for following her they had a fun exchange about him leaving her alone and how he just didn’t get it.  When he found her she said she told him not to come and he said he was going to start listening to her real soon.

Morgan now gets it and he’s trying to leave her alone. But Carol calls him in. I think she’s missing him a little. But she can’t let him stay too long. After just one simple question she’s ready for him to go again.

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But Richard is at the door and wants to speak to both of them. Dun, dun, dun, dun. Something is up! What will Carol do? What will Morgan do? It’s midseason finale time. Will we find out? Or will we just see the tip of the iceberg and get a glimpse of what may open a whole barn of walkers in the second half of season 7?