TWD’s Josh McDermitt fights back against bullies

Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead, AMC
Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt is fighting back against the Internet trolls who body shamed costar Alanna Masterson.

Josh McDermitt is coming to Alanna Masterson’s defense after Internet trolls said horrifically mean things about his costar upon her return to The Walking Dead. Masterson was absent from the first six episodes of the season after having a baby, and in her return she was met with negative comments about her appearance. When McDermitt caught word of this, he was incensed and vowed to fight back against cyber bullies.

Masterson revealed that she had been the target of body shaming in a recent post on her Instagram account, but she fought back and put body shamers in their place. During her appearance on Talking Dead, Masterson told fans she did all of her own physical stunts upon her return to the show, with her infant daughter in a nearby trailer. Despite the physicality of Tara’s return, Masterson was still targeted by body shamers who had nothing positive to say about her performance, focusing instead on her appearance.

McDermitt found this news infuriating: “She just had a kid. That’s why she hasn’t been in the first six episodes because she was recovering from pregnancy and then people are talking trash about her appearance, and it’s like, screw you.”

He insists that the only real way to combat these Internet trolls is the fight back. “I’m going to bully you into stop bullying. That’s what I feel like we need to do. I don’t know how this is gonna work, but he have to stop bulling each other and calling people out for their appearance.” He also noted that social media companies need to do more to stop cyber bullies and block their accounts.

Interestingly, there have been a few instances of body shaming in The Walking Dead’s seventh season. Villain Negan has made fun of Alexandria resident Olivia for her appearance, making rude comments about her weight. What’s more interesting is that Negan apologizes to her in “Sing Me a Song” when his remarks make her cry, which leads her to slap him across the face. Instead of the rage you might expect, Olivia’s actions make Negan want her 50% more than he did before. This was a big moment for Olivia’s character, who was almost blamed for the missing guns earlier in the season. Many fans cheered upon seeing Olivia get a little payback against Negan.

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McDermitt believes that stopping bullying is everyone’s job. It’s going to be an uphill battle, but this kind of harassment must stop. “People need to chill the F out with the crap that they’re putting on the Internet. It’s very disturbing because we are people, everyone.”

Well said, Josh McDermitt. Well said.