Walking Dead Midseason Finale S07E08 Preview: Negan’s Age of Masculinity

Walking Dead Midseason Finale Preview: Negan's Age of Masculinity - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Cass)
Walking Dead Midseason Finale Preview: Negan's Age of Masculinity - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Cass) /

The Age of Masculinity has officially returned on The Walking Dead. Negan has renewed what Rick and Jessie started in Alexandria.

The Walking Dead told a classic story last week straight out of a vintage novel. The impressionable teenager meeting a masculine rebel role model. Then getting to go with the mysterious role model to see all the cool badass stuff he has. Evil, good, one thing’s for certain! Negan is all things masculine. It’s been a long time since it was acceptable on TV or anywhere else in media to do the things Negan is saying and doing. You’d practically have to go back to the days of Married with Children to get a sentence like the one Negan told Olivia.

When did we enjoy watching Rick Grimes the most? It certainly wasn’t when he was planting crops. No, it’s when “it wasn’t a democracy anymore” after vanquishing Shane, when it was bearded Rick who knew “you’d just do it to someone else” in the church and when he met Jessie. She brought out those instincts out of Rick that were dormant for too long. Male instincts. Instead of constantly being told by Lorrie he’s wrong, or even now by Michonne, he simply took action.

Some have called Carl almost budding up to Negan last week strange. Is it really? Think back to the film Scarface and Tony Montana, another icon. Is Tony Montana’s appeal so different? Now we have Negan showing Carl his multiple wives, passing him his first beer, shooting darts, and especially showing him what power can mean.

If anything it’s a wonder he didn’t turn savior on the spot.

Walking Dead S07E08 Preview Trailer and Discussion

It’s looking quite obvious, someone’s leaving the show this midseason finale. Aaron perhaps? As the person most distraught looks like Rick Grimes and Aaron traveled with him last episode.

Maybe it’s not any character elimination at all and Negan is simply taking Judith because of Carl’s actions? That might be something that sets Rick off however, so it’s hard to imagine. Negan seems to push but not to the point where he believes the individual will not be willing to work afterwards as seen with Daryl.

What will happen with Rosita and Michonne’s mission to go after Negan? Will they end up finding each other and teaming up on the way to the Sanctuary? It’s looking mighty likely as of late that Spencer might betray the group, perhaps make his own deal with the saviors… Or join them.

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Then there’s Carol and Morgan over at the Kingdom and its outskirts. Will they be asked to participate in this upcoming clash with the Sanctuary? If so, will they accept?

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