The Walking Dead: Most ironic Rick/Negan moment of midseason finale

Rick. Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Rick. Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Rick made it back to Alexandria after a scavenging trip with Aaron during the midseason finale of The Walking Dead and Negan had some shocking news for him.

While Rick and Aaron were off in their hole-filled canoe scavenging and collecting supplies for Negan, and fighting a pond full of walker ducks, we, the audience were privy to the events back in Alexandria.

We already knew that Negan had brought Carl back from his ill-conceived plan to take out Negan by hiding in the truck and popping out like a Coral-in-the-box at the Sanctuary. Now we watched Negan shave and make spaghetti on the wrong day with Carl and Olivia and Judith as they waited patiently for Rick and Aaron to return.

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We knew that Rosita and Spencer had different thoughts about what to do about Negan and that Spencer had confessed to Father Gabriel that he hated Rick and blamed him for the situation with the Saviors and really blamed him for the deaths of his mother, father and brother.

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So it seems that Spencer’s solution was to present himself as an alternative to Negan. He thought that Negan didn’t like Rick either and would think that working with Spencer would be a better option for Negan. Instead of doing business with angry Rick, he figured Negan would rather do business with someone who had something to offer.

Spencer dressed for the dystopian job interview of his life. Spencer, like his mother, father and brother before him, still didn’t understand that the rules of this world are different. The apocalyptic moguls wear leather and boots and blood, not shirts and ties. (Someone might want to mention that to Gregory) .

Anyway, we know how things went. When Rick came home to Spencer’s guts and Olivia on the ground, the most ironic moment for me was when Negan reported to Rick what happened while he was away.

Rick and Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Rick and Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

It was almost as if Rick and Negan were on the same side. They stood in Alexandria like two neighbor dads. One dad telling the other what his son had done. Rick looking at Carl like he was in big trouble because of what Mr. Negan, the neighbor, just told him he did and Carl looking like, dang, Mr. Negan, did you have to tell on me?  Mr. Negan looking quite pleased with himself at being a big tattle tale after he had made Carl think that he was his buddy.

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It was an awkward moment of everyone trying to process what was happening and trying to remember who was the bad guy and who was the good guy. Seeing Carl on the porch after Rick turned to look at him was the best! That Rick facial expression was just priceless!