Who is the stranger following Rick and Aaron on The Walking Dead?

Stranger in Boots - The Walking Dead, AMC
Stranger in Boots - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Rick’s group might have hope of fighting against The Saviors, but is there another threat lurking in the shadows during season 7 of The Walking Dead?

Just when things start looking up for Rick Grimes and hope is spreading throughout the communities, The Walking Dead introduces a mysterious stranger to give fans of the show more concerns during season 7.

The stranger in question has already appeared on the screen twice during the midseason finale. The first time was just a shot of a boot next to the water. The individual was assumed to be watching Rick and Aaron as they executed a dangerous plan to retrieve items from a houseboat during the midseason finale.

A bit of a concern itself, the houseboat was set up like an obstacle course. Signs warned Rick and Aaron not to continue on, but the two persisted. Finally, they reached a small lake, where they found a bullet-riddled aluminum boat and tons of walkers in the water.

As if this wasn’t enough of a deterrent, once they reached the houseboat they found notes written by someone included in each bin of weapons and supplies that stated even though Rick and Aaron “won”, they lost.

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When the episode was coming to an end, things got even creepier. The shadowy individual was seen watching the gates of Alexandria with binoculars, seemingly tracking Rick and Aaron to gain intel the community.

There is a lot of debate online about whether or not the person in question is male or female, but that doesn’t seem to be important at this time. Instead the focus should be that there is at least one other individual out there that hasn’t been met yet…and they might even be part of a community.

Many fans have theories that is it someone from Oceanside or Dwight keeping an eye on people. However, there wouldn’t be any real reason to hide that either of them were watching Alexandria, nor would either be worthy of a mysterious scene like this.

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Who do you think the mysterious stranger that watched and followed Rick and Aaron was in the season 7 midseason finale of The Walking Dead? Do you think it’s a villain or might they be friendly? And what impact will this individual have on the show going forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.