What kind of leader would Spencer have been on The Walking Dead?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Spencer Monroe made his move in The Walking Dead season 7 midseason finale for control of Alexandria, but what kind of leader would he actually have been?

Being a leader isn’t easy. Fans of The Walking Dead have seen just how tough it can be for the individual in charge to keep a thriving community of survivors together in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.

Still, there have been several characters who wanted to fight for that figurehead position in the different groups since the program’s first season. The most recent of those was Spencer Monroe, who made his move for power in the season 7 midseason finale.

By now, viewers of the hit AMC drama know that Spencer’s plan did not work out well. His idea of bonding with Negan and then explaining how dealing with him would be better than being with Rick backfired in a big way, resulting in his death.

Although he never got the opportunity to be a leader, it is interesting to think about what Alexandria might have been like if Negan would have made the decision to make Spencer his point man instead of Rick Grimes.

Spencer would have been a unique leader, but it’s hard to know just how he would have run Alexandria. Because of that, here is a comparison of Spencer to some of the other leaders on The Walking Dead to get an idea of what he might have been like:

Negan – As he has shown in the past, he is was selfish man who hides things from others and did not follow the rules, even if that meant putting everyone in danger. This kind of selfishness, along with his desire for members of the opposite sex, could have made him a potential Negan type leader, but without the great sense of humor or charisma.

The Governor – His aggressive personality was reminiscent of The Governor, who wouldn’t hesitate to attack anyone for any reason he deemed fit. He was vocal about disliking Rick Grimes and most of the people who came with him, focusing only on what he saw as his home.

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Dawn Lerner – Much like Dawn at Grady Memorial Hospital, he likely would have turned a blind eye to events that would typically have been greatly frowned upon by other leaders or civilizations if it did not impact him.

Gareth – Spencer isn’t a cannibal, so he has that going for him. However, he does have that ego that death is for everyone except him. His cocky attitude has rubbed many people in Alexandria the wrong way, and that might lead to respect issues.

Most of these other leaders listed got by on their charisma or displays of power, but Spencer didn’t quite have that ability. His ability to turn on the charm was only in small doses, since he could not control himself when he got emotional.

Overall, Spencer would not have been a great leader of Alexandria. He had far too many character flaws to be seen as a viable replacement for Rick to Negan, especially after all the trouble the leader of The Saviors went through to break down Mr. Grimes.

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What kind of leader do you think Spencer Monroe would have been on The Walking Dead? Do you agree that he would not have been able to handle the job properly, or do you feel he could have tightened up the ship in Alexandria? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.