Will Morgan kill for Rick and the group in the fight against the Saviors?

Morgan on a horse - The Walking Dead, AMC
Morgan on a horse - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Morgan doesn’t want to kill. But survival in The Walking Dead world means killing to protect yourself or those you love. Morgan will have to make a choice.

It was exciting to see Rick and Morgan reunited in The Walking Dead Season 6. But Morgan’s belief that all life is sacred had already caused some serious problems for Rick and the group. When he refused to kill one of the Wolves it led to the deaths of many Alexandrians. And the kidnapping of Denise.

There is obviously some wiggle room in Morgan’s commitment not to kill because he did kill a Savior in defense of Carol. But will Morgan be willing to kill to protect Rick and the others? When the groups get together to take on Negan can they count on Morgan?

If Morgan is going to stay true to his philosophy and refuse to kill he’s a liability the group can’t afford. It is too big a risk to go into a major battle with someone who may or not may not be willing to kill in the moment. Morgan is going to have to decide once and for all what his position is going to be.

It may not even possible to practice the kind of nonviolence that Morgan seems to believe in. In The Walking Dead world killing isn’t really a choice. It’s a necessary part of surviving.

Humanity is a Luxury

Back in Season 2 of The Walking Dead in the episode “Judge, Jury, Executioner” Dale said that even though the world they knew was gone keeping their humanity was a choice. He was trying to convince Rick to spare Randall’s life. But it was clear then that Rick should have killed Randall.

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And it’s clear now that humanity isn’t a choice anymore. It’s a luxury. Having the time to stop and consider the ethical ramifications of taking a life is a luxury that survivors don’t have. Survival means killing. That’s the reality of the new world. Humanity doesn’t really enter into the equation.

Killing For Survival

Killing for survival is something that everyone must be willing to do. That includes Morgan, and Carol. Carol doesn’t want to kill anymore either, but she’s going to find that she doesn’t really have a choice.

Is it worse to kill in defense of others or allow people like the Saviors to kill the innocent? That’s the question that Morgan should be asking himself. If Morgan decides that killing goes against his idea of morality he needs to go off on his own and leave the group.

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In The Walking Dead the old moral codes of the world before the outbreak no longer apply. Morality isn’t black and white anymore. It’s all shades of gray. Each person has to decide if they can do what is required to survive. But Morgan will have to decide quickly. The battle against the Saviors is looming. He will have to pick a side.