How about a Negan spinoff show?

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in Episode 4Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in Episode 4Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead has already spawned spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. But could there be an even more intriguing spinoff to consider?

The Walking Dead has created a world full of really interesting characters. Some characters are more known to us because, frankly, they have lived long enough to become really interesting. Some characters are only around for a short time and still manage to capture our imaginations. The Walking Dead expanded its universe with the addition of Fear the Walking Dead, adding even more intriguing characters to the pantheon of post-apocalyptic survivors.

Recently, proposed an idea for yet another spinoff of The Walking Dead that focuses entirely on Negan. (To be clear, there are no plans for any spinoff series on the horizon. This is all pure speculation.)

They list a few reasons why this would be a great idea, starting with the notion that some fans clamored for a spinoff featuring the Governor, and Negan has been so popular that it makes perfect sense to give him his own show. They also cite the fact that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a stellar actor and his portrayal of Negan makes him worthy of his own show. One of the other arguments is that Negan is like a franchise unto himself, again thanks to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s critically acclaimed performance.

I’m not inserting an opinion in this. I’m curious to see what you, Dear Readers, think about this idea. I know Negan is a polarizing character for both TV show purists and comic book connoisseurs, but Negan’s entrance into the world of The Walking Dead was buzz worthy to say the least. Fans spent months speculating about which character would find himself at the business end of Negan’s barbed-wire bat, Lucille. Is all of this enough to warrant a spinoff?

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It’s interesting to think of a spinoff of The Walking Dead based solely on one character. Negan aside, think of the possibilities. There could be a show based around Maggie and the Hilltop, or Carol and Ezekiel in the Kingdom. What do you think? Would you want to see a character in a spinoff?