Twas the Night Before Christmas: The Walking Dead edition

Christmas decorations
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What does Christmas look like in The Walking Dead world? Maybe something like this:

T’was the night before Christmas

In the Safe Zone

And everything was quiet

Not even a walker moan

Michonne in her kerchief

And Rick in his Sheriff’s hat

Had just settled down

For a long winter’s nap

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

Rick sprang from his bed (on the floor) to see what was the matter.

Away to the window he tore like a flash

Threw open the shutters and jerked up the sash

When what to his wondering eyes did appear

But Hershel in a sleigh

With 8 strong reindeer

He smiled at Rick with his fatherly smile

And said “I know that I’ve been gone awhile but

Rick how I’ve missed you, Carl, and the rest

I know you’re facing a difficult test.

I went to see Maggie and my grandson at Hilltop

But I know I couldn’t leave without one more stop.

I’m proud of you Rick and all that you’ve done.

But now you’re facing a battle that simply must be won.

Glenn is with me now, my son has come home

And even though you’re feeling weak,

Broken and alone

There’s still people depending on you and you need to fight.

Evil can’t win there will always be light.

I know you’re heart broken and feeling blue

But you can’t sit and cry,

You all have jobs to do.

You don’t have to be Negan’s pawn

You can do it Rick you’re not too far gone.

Keep Carol close, don’t let her go

Together our family is stronger than you know.

Keep Carl and Judith safe, my grandson too

And know that I’ll always be watching out for you.”

Then he flew off, up over the gate

Not even stopping as Rick yelled, “Hershel! Wait!”

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And Rick heard him exclaim as he drove out of town

“Get it together Rick. Take Negan down!”

Happy Holidays to all TWDFamily! Keep your loved ones close and buy two of all your Christmas gifts just in case the Saviors take half.