The Walking Dead: Tara’s 2017 New Year Resolutions


It’s time to think about New Year resolutions for 2017 and Season 7B of The Walking Dead. What should make Tara’s list of New Year resolutions?

Tara went out on a supply run and came back to discover that her entire world had been turned upside down. Not only was Dr. Denise gone, but Negan and the Saviors had swooped in, killed Abraham and Glenn, and taken control of Alexandria. Upon her return she saw Negan kill Spencer, and she saw Arat shoot Olivia while Eugene was taken captive as a result of Rosita’s actions.

A lot has changed in the time she has been gone, but now she needs to think about what she can do to help the situation. She’s a fighter and she’s strong, but she’s also sitting on a very big secret: Oceanside.

So what might we see on Tara’s list of New Year resolutions for the second half of The Walking Dead Season 7?

Keep Calm and Carry On

Tara’s strength is that she can stay calm in almost any situation. We saw this when she found herself in the hidden Oceanside community. There were no fewer than a dozen situations that might have caused anyone else to panic, but Tara remained calm and used humor to dispel the tension of the moments.

She needs to remain the voice of reason when things get rough again. She knows how to fight and she knows how to think things through. Her voice of reason can help guide the group as the make plans to take down the Saviors.

Slippery Slopes

Tara returned to Alexandria to find that the weapons had been confiscated by the Saviors. With the exception of weapons that had been stashed outside the community, and Rick’s newly returned gun, the Alexandrians are defenseless.

Tara knows a big secret that could help them all. She hasn’t mentioned Oceanside yet because she made a promise not to tell anyone about their existence. However, if Negan’s influence continues to spread, it’s only a matter of time before Oceanside is discovered.

While it’s true that Tara made a promise not to reveal anything about Oceanside, it’s also true that no one is safe, and perhaps banding together is the solution. There’s strength in numbers—and there’s strength in having a secret arsenal of weapons and a large number of people who know how to use them.

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The bottom line is that Tara will need to decide if she can keep her promise at risk of losing her friends, or break the promise and perhaps save more people as a result. It’s a tricky situation, but thankfully Tara has a good head on her shoulders. She will figure out the best course of action for the greatest good, which is easier said than done.