The Walking Dead: Carol’s 2017 New Year Resolutions

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in Episode 8Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in Episode 8Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

It’s time to think about New Year resolutions for 2017 and Season 7B of The Walking Dead. What made Carol’s list of New Year resolutions?

We didn’t see a lot from Carol in the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7. Morgan rescued her back in Season 6 and the duo wound up at the Kingdom under King Ezekiel’s protection. Despite her injuries Carol is still adamant that she wants to be left alone, no matter how many times Ezekiel and Shiva visit her little house, or even in light of Richard’s warnings about the Saviors.

Carol now has very powerful information about the true capabilities of the Saviors, and she also is a very capable fighter. Morgan tells Richard she is one of the best fighters, so can she stay out of the fight?

Here’s a look at what might be on Carol’s list of 2017 New Year resolutions:

Coming Out Of Retirement

Carol hasn’t been the same since she and Maggie were captured in Season 6 by the female Saviors. Though she was able to get them out of that mess, Carol emerged a changed person. She has lost the tenacious will to survive at any cost and would rather stay by herself and take her chances rather than risk having to kill more people.

The problem with this strategy is that while it may seem like staying away will do more good than bad, the fact is that she’s part of an established group, and she has a role to play. She walked away from Alexandria without telling anyone where she was going. For all they know back in Alexandria, she’s dead or one of Negan’s prisoners. She left them when they needed her, and now that Richard has all but told her that her friends are in danger, she needs to make a big decision about coming out of retirement and once again becoming the badass that we know she is.

The King and I

King Ezekiel chose Carol as his confidant. Carol should embrace this relationship and figure out how to make the most of being the Hand of the King, to borrow a phrase, so that she can have the life she wants. She will have more freedom if she helps dispatch the enemy, and any misgivings she had about the Saviors who held her captive with Maggie, and the ones they killed at the satellite outpost, will likely fall away when she learns what has been happening with her friends back home.

The Ennui Will Get Old

Carol is not one to sit back and rest on her laurels, nor is she one to fade away and live a quiet life. Yes, she says she wants to be left alone, but that’s not who Carol is. This moment for Carol is what Rick’s stint as a farmer was back at the prison. She’s taking a moment to take stock of where she is, and when she emerges from her contemplation she will be the Carol we know so well.

We know there is no such thing as boredom in the apocalypse, but Carol will not be able to live this life for very long.

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Carol has some decisions to make in the New Year, or, in this case, the second half of Season 7. The bottom line is that Carol needs to realize that she is not cut out for the quiet life. She has an opportunity to help guide Ezekiel and help her friends back at Alexandria. Carol is a fighter. She needs to get her fight back because she may be a huge key to winning the battle against the Saviors.

(Author’s Note: I am basing these observations solely upon the show and not the comics)