The Walking Dead: Eugene’s 2017 New Year Resolutions

Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead, AMC
Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead, AMC /

It’s time to think about New Year resolutions for 2017 and Season 7B of The Walking Dead. What made Eugene’s list of New Year resolutions?

Eugene is having a rough year. No sooner did he proclaim his ability to defend himself did he wind up getting captured, and then he had to watch as his dear friend and defender Abraham was brutally killed by Negan. And to top it all off, Rosita bullied him to make a bullet for her and when she used it to kill Negan, Rosita’s plan backfired and it led to Eugene becoming Negan’s prisoner.

Now that he will enter the second half of Season 7 as a prisoner of the Saviors, let’s take a look at Eugene’s list of New Year resolutions.

Negan Likes Eugene’s Brain

If there is one saving grace to becoming Negan’s prisoner, it’s that Negan is a man who values talent, and there is a lot of talent involved in making ammunition. That right there has the potential to keep Eugene safe while being held captive. Negan knows better than to break Eugene’s hands or damage his head because that could jeopardize Eugene’s bullet-making capabilities. And a guy who can make bullets is a game changer.

The Force Is With You. Always.

Abraham was a great role model for Eugene, who told his friend and mentor that he was now capable of defending himself. Eugene may not be there quite yet, but he’s closer now than ever before. Now is the time for Eugene to realize that he has the ability to defend himself, but he needs to believe in himself.

Standing Up For What’s Right

Eugene knew making that bullet was a bad idea but Rosita bullied him until he acquiesced. Eugene and Olivia are the ones who paid the price for Rosita’s bad judgment, and Eugene can learn from this. He needs to stand up for himself and make sure that he isn’t bullied into making bad decisions.

Of course, now that he’s a prisoner at the Sanctuary, it’s more than likely that his life will be tied to making bullets. Step out of line and pay the price. That’s Negan’s party line. However, Eugene might be able to impart some of his Eugene-isms into Negan’s brain that might lead to some kind of positive outcome.

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Eugene has some decisions to make in the New Year, or in this case the second half of Season 7. It was clear at the end of Season 7A that Eugene is terrified as he is led away from his friends. However, he has some advantages that no one else has, and they might wind up keeping him safe. To get through this next challenge he needs to learn to control his fear and channel it so that he can protect himself and the people he cares about.