Sherry is one of the most complicated characters on The Walking Dead

Sherry and Daryl - The Walking Dead, AMC
Sherry and Daryl - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Sherry is in a very fragile place, as her feelings toward Dwight, Negan, and Daryl are pulling her in a multitude of directions on The Walking Dead.

When talking about characters who are struggling to survive in the zombie apocalypse on The Walking Dead during season 7, it is easy to look to the major characters who have experienced loss or overcome adversity through the first 8 episodes.

However, Sherry is one individual who should have a big role going forward. Her relationships and emotions are pulling her in three different directions, which is causing her to question everything. Her future, past, and present all hinge on what she does from here.

Not only her future, but the future of others. Christine Evangelista (the actress who plays Sherry) recently spoke with Yahoo, and here is what she had to say about the situation her character is currently entangled in:

"“Where you left off with her, she was in the world of the Sanctuary, under Negan’s thumb, and trying to do right by Daryl. She’s in this triangle at the moment with her ex-husband, her current husband, and then there’s Daryl.”"

Of course, Dwight is the ex-husband of Sherry, but there is still some feeling there and likely will always be. And her situation with Negan is one of safety, as she is almost required to do as he says.

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But her thoughts about Daryl are even more complicated than those of Dwight or Negan. She sees a lot of her former husband in the man, which has her pulling for him to survive.

"“I think she definitely feels guilt for what she did to [Daryl], even though he tried to help her and her family at the time, but I think she’s sort of looking at him now with this longing, like, ‘Oh, I don’t want what happened to Dwight to happen to you,’ if there’s anything that she could do. I think that’s sort of where she is.”"

But where does that all leave Dwight? He’s the odd man out in this equation. Even though he obviously still has feelings for her, those feelings aren’t what they used to be before he was forced to do Negan’s bidding.

"“I think there’s also this thing in Daryl that reminds her of who Dwight used to be, before he turned, before he became a murderer in her eyes. Before they separated.”"

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So, what will the choice that Sherry makes? Will she continue to want to help Daryl? Will she stick with Negan for safety? Or will she eventually find her feeling for Dwight return? And what could her choice mean for these survivors? She will definitely be a character to keep an eye on when season 7 of The Walking Dead returns.