The Walking Dead: 14 new photos tease February return

Promo photo. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Promo photo. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

AMC just released 14 new promo photos to get people speculating about what may happen when The Walking Dead returns in February.

Worlds collide. Prepare to rise up and fight Sunday, February 12 at 9|8C. Those are the words that AMC’s The Walking Dead Facebook used to caption the photo album added to the Facebook page this afternoon.

The photos have a vintage feel. It is a similar album to the New World New Rules album posted last summer before the season premiere. They are images that get you thinking about what might be in store for us in the coming episodes. Beautiful still shots of apocalyptic art.

If you look at the Facebook comments, the photos are doing their job already. They are getting people talking. The comments have sparked discussion about where they might come into play in the coming episodes. They are also sparking humorous apocalyptic jokes as well. Feel free to add either type of comments to our discussion.

We have some tools and modes of transportation. Explosives, fruit and walkers. Some of the funniest comments on Facebook were about Peeps surviving the apocalypse and Wilson. See if you can figure out which pictures those captions would match.

Last summer we figured these were the only types of promo photos they could give us because of the cliff hanger, but we don’t have a cliff hanger going into the mid season premiere so perhaps we will get more promo photos before February.

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I enjoy these little teasers. I don’t really speculate from them, but I like seeing them when they show up in the episodes. They are great for fans either way. If you’re a speculator, start speculating. We have about a month to go.

If these images aren’t enough to get your mind’s wheels turning, I’ll offer this. Imagine the faces of the survivors when they see Shiva.