The Saviors’ weaknesses could cause them to lose the upcoming war

Saviors. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Saviors. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

The Saviors are experienced fighters and they’re well-armed. But they do have weak points that Rick and the group can use to fight them more effectively.

A war is coming on The Walking Dead in the second half of Season 7. But the Saviors might not be as well prepared as Negan thinks they are. His top soldiers are well trained and a disciplined fighting force. But they’re not all that way. The Saviors as a group have some weaknesses that can be used against them.

Negan has a huge army of soldiers who keep order inside Sanctuary and put pressure on the other communities. But his army is made up of people with different degrees of usefulness and ability. Some of them are hard to control. Others aren’t very capable. And there’s a lot of fighting and posturing between different groups of Saviors.

If they’re not working together with one goal in mind they will be at a disadvantage fighting against the combined forces of the other communities who are all fighting for a single purpose.

Rick and the other survivors who are planning a rebellion against Negan and the Saviors can use that in their attacks. They can turn the Saviors lack of skills and lack of communication among their own ranks against them.

Another problem that the Saviors have is that they are spread out throughout the area. Rick and the others easily tricked their way into an outpost and slaughtered everyone inside. Because the Saviors are spread out on patrols and at outposts around the communities they are sitting ducks. Guerilla style attacks by the survivors can wipe out a lot of Negan’s forces.

Overconfidence Is A Killer

The biggest weakness that the Saviors have is overconfidence. They think that they are invincible because no group has ever beaten them. They like to bully the communities and pick fights because they are sure they will always win.

But they’ve never fought a group like Rick’s group of survivors. Up until this point the people they have been fighting have been people who had limited exposure to the world. The people at Alexandria, like the people at Hilltop and the Kingdom, were sheltered from the brutality of the world.

Rick’s group has been fighting for survival for years without the benefit of high sturdy walls, plenty of food and weaponry. They can be just as savage as the Saviors, if not more. But the Saviors don’t know that. And they don’t think that Rick and the other survivors are a threat.

Dissension In The Ranks

There may also be more dissension among the Saviors than Negan realizes. When someone rules with fear, like Negan does, loyalty isn’t guaranteed. His fighting force may not be as dedicated to him as he thinks. When the battle really heats up they may turn on him.

Dwight appears to be ready to turn against Negan because of Negan’s cruelty and harsh regime. Others probably feel the same way. If it looks like the allied forces of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom might beat them who knows how many Saviors might switch sides and join them?

Prepping For Battle

The Saviors at this point don’t even know that a war is coming, so they’re not prepared to face an organized uprising. They think that it’s just business as usual. Not being prepared to face an onslaught may put them in a losing position from the very start of the war.

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Of course the survivors have weaknesses too. But in The Walking Dead becoming overconfident and underestimating the skill and tenacity of the enemy can be enough to lose everything. The Saviors need to be better prepared if they are going to have a chance of winning against Rick’s forces.