The Walking Dead: Rosita’s 2017 New Year Resolutions

Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

2017 has arrived and it’s time to think about New Year resolutions for 2017 and Season 7B of The Walking Dead. What should make Rosita’s list of New Year resolutions?

Rosita has lost a lot in the past year. She not only lost her relationship with Abraham, but she also lost Abraham when Negan chose him as his victim. She also lost Eugene as a result of her attempt on Negan’s life. For a long while she, Abraham and Eugene were a tight-knit group who had been traveling for quite a while, working to get Eugene to Washington DC safely. Eventually Rosita and Abraham’s relationship became something more, but then Abraham started having feelings for Sasha, which only served to complicate everything.

Toward the end of Season 7A Rosita made some decisions that impacted the entire group. She bullied Eugene into making her a bullet after Negan took Alexandria’s weapons. She went out on a supply run with Spencer but she was more concerned about finding a gun she could keep hidden for when she needed it. Despite Gabriel’s warnings, she still went through with her plan to kill Negan, and it backfired with tragic consequences.

Rosita has some demons to deal with after the midseason premiere, and she has some things to work on leading up to the Season 7 midseason premiere in February. Here’s what she should add to her list of New Year resolutions.


What Would Abraham Do? There’s no question that if the situation was reversed, Abraham would be plotting a revenge attack against Negan for killing Rosita. No question at all. The key, though, is that Abraham would (hopefully) be looking at a revenge plot from a tactical standpoint. He wouldn’t go off half-cocked to take out his enemy.

But since Abraham is gone and Rosita is the one looking for revenge, it’s incredibly important that she think her plan through. Lone wolves aren’t going to be the answer on this one. She needs to share her thoughts with Rick and the group (Rick will be more responsive now that he’s ready to fight again) and she needs backup. There’s no question that Abraham would be saying the same thing to her right now: They need a united front to face off against Negan.

Abraham would also remind Rosita that Eugene still needs her. If nothing else, she needs to stop and think about Eugene and how she can help get him home safe.

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Harness Your Ability

Rosita is a great fighter. Abraham taught her well, and she, Abraham and Eugene went through a lot before they joined forces with Rick’s group. Rosita faltered for a moment, having botched the attempt on Negan’s life. Her mistake cost Olivia her life.

On the other hand, what Rosita did is a demonstration of her abilities. She is a very capable fighter and she will be a very valuable resource in the eventual battle against the Saviors. She needs to regain control and move forward so she can help when the time comes.

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The bottom line is that Rosita is very strong and she’s going to get through this. She needs to refocus her energy and circle back with her team. Seeing her with everyone else at the end of “Hearts Still Beating” is a good sign. She isn’t pulling away from the group, which is good because she needs everyone around her to get through this. She also needs to remember that Eugene needs her help. This is no time to retreat; this is the time for action.