The Walking Dead: Gabriel’s 2017 New Year Resolutions

Father Gabriel. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Father Gabriel. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

It’s time to think about New Year resolutions for 2017 and Season 7B of The Walking Dead. What should make Father Gabriel’s list of New Year resolutions?

Father Gabriel had some big moments in Season 7A of The Walking Dead. It was Gabriel’s idea to dig the empty graves in Alexandria. Gabriel also provided some calming words for Rick when Rick was frantically searching for the missing guns. He also cared for Judith while Rick and the group left Alexandria to get medical help for Maggie on that ill-fated trip.

Gabriel was once a liability for the group, morally ambiguous and unable to fight or protect himself. Times have changed, though, and now we see that Gabriel has found his niche in the group. So now it’s time for Gabriel to continue his development in the New Year as the group readies for a battle royale with Negan and the Saviors.

Fight the Good Fight

One of the most memorable lines in Season 7A was when Gabriel told Spencer that he was a “shit” but that the condition wasn’t “terminal.” Even Father Gabriel had his doubts about Spencer. However, Gabriel’s advice was solid. Gabriel also offered good advice to Rosita prior to her outburst with Negan, and even though she didn’t follow it, the fact that he’s the good advice dispenser is a very important distinction.

Gabriel now knows how to defend himself, and he knows that there will be battles in the future. But he also knows that he has a role to fill among the community. He helps the people around him to cope and deal with what’s going on, and in that way he’s fighting the good fight in his own way.

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Be the Rock

Gabriel has a much better understanding about the world he lives in these days, and while he maintains that faith will always be important, Gabriel also acknowledges that there is a need to fight the good fight. While he wasn’t there when Negan killed Glenn and Abraham, the death of his friends had a huge impact on him. He can’t shy away from the war that’s brewing, so he needs to continue to be the rock that people need when they seek spiritual guidance.

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Gabriel has come a long way and he has built a relationship with the people around him. That loyalty and trust will be very important in the upcoming season.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 12.