The road to all out war between The Saviors and the Survivors on The Walking Dead

Dwight and the Saviors. The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer. AMC.
Dwight and the Saviors. The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer. AMC. /
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Molly and Paula. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Molly and Paula. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

“The Same Boat”

“The Same Boat” was one of the stronger episodes of Season 6. It marked a turning point for Carol, who has been struggling with the need to kill. Maggie and Carol are captured by Paula, Michelle, Molly and Donnie. They are Saviors who were doing perimeter checks around the outpost when they came across Maggie and Carol.

Carol and Paula can’t help but notice some intense similarities in their lives, which is what really pushes Carol over the edge when this incident is over. Eventually Maggie and Carol kill all four of their captors. Then they set a trap for the reinforcements that arrive and kill them too. At this point Carol reaches her breaking point, feeling that she can’t kill anymore even to protect the ones she loves.

While Carol and Maggie are fighting their way out of the clutches of the Saviors in the slaughterhouse near the outpost Rick is killing the escaped Primo. Rick asked him which one was Negan and Primo told him that they are all Negan. That’s the first time that Rick understands that the Saviors are much larger group than he had previously realized.

Rick probably was starting to see what a huge mistake he had made at this point. But the full weight of the consequences of the slaughter wouldn’t really be apparently until the season finale.