X Factor star Caitlyn Vanbeck to perform at London Walker Stalker Con

Walker Stalker ConPhoto Credit: Walker Stalker Con
Walker Stalker ConPhoto Credit: Walker Stalker Con /

Fans of The Walking Dead will have the opportunity to see UK X Factor star Caitlyn Vanbeck at 2017 Walker Stalker Con in London, England.

The Walking Dead is a global phenomenon. Whether fans around the world love the hit AMC shows, comic books, video games, or other parts of the zombie franchise, there is definitely plenty of passion to go around.

One way fans show their love is to attend conventions to see their favorite stars. The most specialized of all these conventions is Walker Stalker Con, which offers 9 locations per year to go along with a cruise where fans can set sail with their favorite actors and crew members.

However, there will be a special guest when Walker Stalker Con makes their stop in London on March 3rd and 4th.

Scottish singer Caitlyn Vanbeck will be putting on a live performance at the convention according to her own Facebook page, where she made a post about her excitement and was confirmed by The Scottish Sun.

Fans may know Caitlyn from her time on the UK X Factor. On the show, she got a unanimous ovation from the judges and blew Nicole Scherzinger away with her performance of Kelly Clarkson’s hit song ‘Piece By Piece’ and shared a story of her struggles with confidence as a singer.

Check out the clip of her audition from the show as shared by the official The X Factor UK YouTube account:

Vanbeck has her own YouTube channel where she has shared several great covers that range from Justin Bieber and Cyndi Lauper to George Michael and Adele. However, one of the most passionate is her take on the ABBA song “The Winner Takes All”.

Here is that song from Caitlyn’s personal YouTube account:

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As of this posting, there is no confirmed date and time for the performance available. However. fans of the The Walking Dead attending Walker Stalker Con in London should be sure to make some time to check out this great singer this March.