Robert Kirkman and David Alpert’s Five Year lands Latin American markets

Talking Dead. Robert Kirkman. AMC
Talking Dead. Robert Kirkman. AMC /

Known for bringing The Walking Dead to life, Robert Kirkman and David Alpert’s new series Five Year will also be available in Latin American markets.

Robert Kirkman has brought some excellent programs to television. The Walking Dead is a smash success, and Fear The Walking Dead and the unique program Outcast give a nice variety to his work. Soon, fans can also check out Five Year, even if they live in Latin America.

Kirkman will once again team up with David Alpert to help make this new series a success. Based on their success in the past, this could be a program for fans of his zombie survival drama or horror shows to watch out for.

Here is how The Hollywood Reporter described Five Year in their article discussing the opening of Latin American markets for the show:

"“Based on an original story, the pre-apocalyptic series centers on a family living under the threat of a deadly meteor headed toward Earth. It will explore the human condition as people grapple with the knowledge that the Earth as we know it will be destroyed in five years’ time.”"

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The program will be set in Korea and follow the lives of people who know they only have a set amount of time left on the planet. Skybound has teamed with video streaming site Viki to bring this story to life.

Kirkman spoke with Variety a while back about working with Viki to find a place for the program and knew it was the right fit.

"“This has been a story I have wanted to tell for quite some time, but David and I wanted to make sure it found a proper home where it could grow and breathe creatively. Looking at what Viki has done in not only the dramatic series space, but transforming the way viewers consume and translate media, we knew immediately ‘Five Year’ had found its home.”"

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As of this posting this is no specific date set by Skybound, Viki, or The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman as to when Five Year will air. However, more information about this Korean natural disaster drama will be passed along when available.