Rosita Espinosa: The character name significance on The Walking Dead

Rosita - The Walking Dead, AMC
Rosita - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Robert Kirkman appears to have had some fun coming up the with name for the character of Rosita Espinosa in The Walking Dead.

Back in issue #53 of The Walking Dead comic book series, Robert Kirkman introduced the world to three new characters: Sgt. Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa. Since then, these characters have gone on to become popular in both the comics and the hit AMC television program.

One of the fun parts about developing content is the ability to be creative. Kirkman has gone on record as saying that characters like Shiva were created to represent his own fears and others were inspired from his childhood or other popular movies and shows. However. the creator of the series had some fun when coming up with the name of Rosita.

Recently, MoviePilot wrote an article dissecting the character’s name, and it revealed some interesting wordplay for those who aren’t knowledgeable in the Spanish language. They translated both her first and last names, coming up with this result:

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Rosita – Rose  (MoviePilot says ‘little Rose’)

Espinosa – collective form of espina ‘thorn’ (

Typing ‘Espinosa’ into a Spanish to English dictionary also yields some fun results. Other meanings include ‘difficult’ and ‘dangerous’, both of which the emotionally charged character has proven to be in the past.

The complicated nature of Rosita is what keeps her interesting. Despite not having a major storyline of her own or even backstory development since her introduction on The Walking Dead television show, the character has earned a place in the hearts of fans with her toughness and determination.

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While Rosita Espinosa might be a beautiful rose covered in thorns who can be difficult and dangerous, fans can catch her and the rest of the great characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead when the show returns from its season 7 break in February of 2017.