Characters fans want to see more of in Season7B

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Lennie James as Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead --
Lennie James as Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead — /


It was really exciting when Morgan found Rick again and joined the group. The bottle episode, “Here’s Not Here” which explained what happened to Morgan was very poignant. It showed that Morgan went through a huge emotional change after he was last seen in “Clear”.

But ever since Morgan has come back he hasn’t really been a huge part of the story. And that’s a shame. The group has been lacking a moral compass since Hershel was killed. Morgan could be that for the group. Or for the Kingdom, since Ezekiel seems to depend on him already.

Morgan is a fantastic character. His newfound philosophy that all life is precious may not be something he can hang onto in this world. But his moral guidance is something that Rick really needs. Rick has lost his way and he needs Morgan. So does the group.

Morgan also has a lot to tribute at the Kingdom. But so far he hasn’t played a major role in any of the storylines that are coming into focus now. He must have been brought back for a reason. Hopefully he will get a stronger story arc in The Walking Dead Season 7B and in the war that is coming.