The Zombie Apocalypse: 100 Days To Die, 10 Ways To Survive.

Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /
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The prison - The Walking Dead, AMC
The Prison – The Walking Dead, AMC /

5. Make or find a base.

So long as you’re out in the open, you are exposed and vulnerable to getting swarmed by zombies. Your first line of defense is a solid barrier separating you from the dead. Your best means of achieving that is by having a base.

What kind of a base? The short answer is “Whatever is the nearest available building” but, ideally, it’s a place which provides you protection from zombies, access to water, and protection from the elements. Failure to have any of these will guarantee death.

In cities, at least two of these might be difficult to achieve. Running water may fail as civil order crumbles, and few buildings in cities will have a fence separating your base from the dead.

Your best bet may be outside of cities, where you may have easier access to reservoirs or places with good fences to hold off zombies.

Whatever the case may be, finding a solid place to separate you from zombies should be one of if not your first priority. The sooner you’re where the dead can’t see you, the better.

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