The Zombie Apocalypse: 100 Days To Die, 10 Ways To Survive.

Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /
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Snakes. Daryl and Beth. The Walking Dead. AMC
Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Beth (Emily Kinney) eating snakes. The Walking Dead. AMC /

6. Learn to hunt, fish, and farm.

In a zombie apocalypse, civilization will crumble. But, what, exactly, does that mean?

Well, art may cease for a while, public services will cease, good chunks of our technology will fail us (More on that later), but, most importantly, the supply chain that keeps modern countries fed will grind to a halt.

With zombies everywhere, there won’t be a way for farmers or fishermen or bakers or whatever to get their products to people. This will cause food supplies to dwindle, which, in turn, will exacerbate that whole “civilization will crumble”-thing I mentioned before.

So, to prevent yourself from starving, while you can, learn how to hunt, fish, farm, and everything those acts require.

Once zombies emerge, you won’t be able to just go around to the nearby supermarket and pick up the food you want. If you want to eat, you have to be able to provide yourself with food. You need to know what plants you can eat, what animals you can eat, what you can grow, how to catch or grow them, and how to properly prepare them so that eating them doesn’t kill you.

And don’t be squeamish about having to hunt and gut animals. This is survival we’re talking about, now. Squeamish went out the window the moment the first zombie sat up.

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