The Zombie Apocalypse: 100 Days To Die, 10 Ways To Survive.

Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
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Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 - AMC
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8. Don’t count on technology for too long.

Modern technology is great, and so long as you can use it in a zombie apocalypse, do so. But, do not expect it to last for very long and don’t make any long term plans which rely on it.

Sadly, as civilization inevitably crumbles in the wake of a zombie apocalypse, the electricity our modern world depends on will stop flowing. Without people to make sure everything is running smoothly at our dams and power plants, sooner or later, our juice will run out, rendering all technology dependent on it useless.

If you put too much reliance on that technology, you may find yourself thoroughly screwed during the zombie apocalypse. As electricity cuts and your smartphone/tablet/heater/whatever dies, any information or service you were hoping it would provide is no longer available to you, leaving you to scramble to find out what you need.

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