The Walking Dead Themed Quinceañera for Texas girl

Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

A Texas teen marked her 15th birthday with a reflection of her culture and her favorite TV show with a The Walking Dead themed Quinceañera party.

It seems unlikely that The Walking Dead and a Quinceañera would be paired together, but they have more in common than you might think. A quince celebration marks a girl’s transition into womanhood in the Mexican culture and a time when she can make some of her own decisions.

Isela Bermudez wanted to make some of her own choices regarding her own quince celebration and her parents supported her.

The Quinceañera party after the mass is often mistaken for a wedding by the look of the photos. Traditionally, the girl is dressed in a white or pale pink dress and has an escort and a court. The traditional dance performed by the court is a waltz. According to Isela’s mother Jessica, Isela did not want to have a traditional party.

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"“She’s not like other kids or girls. She doesn’t like dresses and is a tomboy. She’s pretty quiet and said she didn’t want a big party or puffy dress.”"

The solution? An unconventional party to go along with Isela’s favorite show.

"” I really like the show and have been watching it since season 1. I like out of the ordinary things and don’t mind gruesome stuff. I thought it would be cool to do this theme and didn’t think my parents would give into the idea but they did.”"

Isela’s aunt is a make-up artist. With her help, the 14 court members were transformed into walkers for this event that took place on January 7th in a hall filled with zombie decorations, The Walking Dead characters, and a beautiful white cake with a 15 on top of the Don’t Open, Dead Inside doors.

Isela’s favorite character is appropriately a strong teen from the show, Carl Grimes. Instead of dancing the traditional waltz, this quince honor court danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Carl Poppa!

"“My favorite character is Carl Grimes because he is a fighter and even after he was shot in the face he didn’t give up.”"

Isela, you just might be a trend setter in quince parties. We hope you and your family and friends had a great time!

 ¡Felicitaciones, Isela! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Check out the pictures!

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Food for thought: The Quince is the start of a new phase in life just as weddings and brides are used in Mexican culture as symbols in Day of the Dead so a zombie quince is a very cool twist.

Source: KFOX TV News