What happens to the Saviors if they lose All Out War on The Walking Dead?

The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC
The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC /

All Out War is coming soon in The Walking Dead. But what will the aftermath look like for the Saviors if they are on the losing side?

All Out War is coming on The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes and the rest of the Survivors are facing a tough war to dethrone Negan and the Saviors from their position of power. It won’t be easy…and they might fail.

Rick doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to taking on Negan. But if the Survivors do win the All Out War, what will they do with the remaining members from The Saviors when the war is over?

Sure, many of them will probably die. Rick and the Survivors are pretty adept at taking out large numbers of the Saviors. Daryl took out a group of them with an RPG. Rick and the others slaughtered dozens at the outpost. Carol took out a group of them single-handedly.

But after seeing Sanctuary, it’s clear that there are a lot more Saviors than Rick thought. There are so many  of Negan’s men that he’s going to need all the other communities around to fight with Alexandria if there is a chance of the Survivors winning. Most likely not all the Saviors will be killed in the battles. What should be done with those that survive?

Do Rick and the others have what it would take to kill them all in cold blood if necessary? History shows that they probably don’t. Despite killing massive numbers of Saviors at the outpost Rick isn’t a bloodthirsty guy. The others would probably balk at some kind of Savior mass execution. But keeping them around would tie up valuable resources. Is it worth it?

Taking Prisoners

The obvious choice would be to make any remaining Saviors prisoners. But where would the Survivors keep them? How would they feed them? It could deplete the already low supplies of the other communities to keep prisoners.

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In The Walking Dead world everyone has to work to live. It wouldn’t be easy to find the resources to keep them alive.

There is also not a secure place to keep them. Since the Saviors are well-trained it’s safe to assume they would escape given any opportunity. And if they escape they could attack the Survivors. So a secure place to keep them would be necessary.

That also means the Survivors would need to have guards watching them. Alexandria’s population has been decimated by attacks from the Wolves and the Saviors. The other communities don’t have a lot of fighters. It would be difficult to find enough capable people in the remaining population to guard the Saviors securely.

Regime Change At Sanctuary

Another possibility would be to allow the Saviors to remain at Sanctuary under a leader that the other communities choose. There are a lot of people at Sanctuary that aren’t fighters. Those people just want to survive. Sanctuary is a well run and secure community. If the Saviors were confined to Sanctuary they could continue to keep it safe but not put the other communities at risk.

It seems like there are cracks in Negan’s stranglehold on Sanctuary. Everyone is afraid of him, but that doesn’t mean they want to follow him. The people living there have traded freedom for security. If Rick and the others give them both freedom and security, The Sanctuary could become a thriving community.

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Choosing a leader that can keep the Saviors in line and build a new community that is self-sustaining and not taking from the other communities would be tough. But it’s a better option than simply killing any Saviors who survive.