The Walking Dead: Why stadiums are an ideal place to take shelter


While we wait for the return of The Walking Dead, let’s examine some of the places that might make excellent shelters during a zombie apocalypse. First up: Stadiums.

Over seven seasons of The Walking Dead we’ve seen some very interesting places to take shelter. We’ve seen RVs, farms, prisons, hospitals, and planned communities.

The best shelters are well fortified with walls that are impervious to Walker herds that tend to congregate against fences. You need space to grow food, a roof over your head, and plenty of places to keep watch over the perimeter.

The first site to discuss: Stadiums.

Stadiums are large enough to support a community of people, with plenty of places to provide shelter and a nice field for crops. They’re also incredibly well fortified, with fences designed to keep people out when the stadiums aren’t in use. The type of stadium or ballpark doesn’t matter, be it a soccer stadium or football stadium, so long as the roof is open (or at least retractable to allow sunlight and rain for the crops) and the gates are closed.

If you’re lucky and the apocalypse arrives during a sport’s season, there might be at least a game’s worth of food and drinks stored away somewhere. If you happen to find a working generator at your stadium shelter, then you can keep your food refrigerated long enough to keep you going for a good while.

Once the area has been secured and any Walkers in side have been cleared, the stadium should remain relatively safe. The biggest security concern comes from the sheer size of the area to defend and how many people will be needed to monitor the perimeter. As we have seen in recent seasons of The Walking Dead, these days the issue is more about keeping other people out than worrying about the Walkers. Anyone who comes upon your stadium sanctuary will want to claim it as their own. Chain link fences are no good, so we want the fortified fences that are strong enough to keep people out.

Most stadiums also have holding cells where people can be locked up (think Morgan and his Wolf) and there are also medical facilities, both for spectators (think First Aid stations) and training rooms for the players. This will give you a functional infirmary and a working jail.

A stadium could become a small city for a group of people who need fortifications from the outside world. It’s just a matter of finding it first, and holding on to it when other people try to take over.

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If you take a look around the world around you, you’ll see many examples of places that would make better shelters than others. It’s a good idea to keep these places in mind, just in case. You never know when you might need it.