The Walking Dead Season 7A: Skybound has a quiz for you!

Skybound Walking Dead promo image Season 7A trivia quiz
Skybound Walking Dead promo image Season 7A trivia quiz /

Skybound’s official account for The Walking Dead has a quick quiz to tell you how well you paid attention to details during the first half of season 7.

Fans of The Walking Dead love trivia. Skybound has a great trivia quiz for us on their official account that only takes a minute and tells us how well we know season 7.

There are only 10 questions, but they are very specific. They really know how to choose questions that show we know the details. And they start off with a nice little challenge that we can’t refuse.

"Did you consume every second of the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7? PROVE IT by taking our super specific trivia quiz to determine if you’re a Walking Dead novice, beginner, pro, or expert. Good luck…"

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  1. How many times does Negan hit Glenn?
  2. What’s the name of Ezequiel’s main body guard?
  3. What song don’t we hear in 703?
  4. Who was hiding the missing guns from Negan?
  5. What brand of liquor does Gregory gift Simon?
  6. Oceanside is comprised only of…
  7. Which song does Carl sing to Negan?
  8. What was not included in Negan’s meal?
  9. What’s the last shot of the mid-season finale?
  10. Which moment did not happen in the comics?

I took the quiz; unfortunately, at 7 out of 10 correct,  I was deemed a beginner  Here’s what they said about my results.

"You are a Walking Dead BEGINNER! That’s OK! You obviously watched the season but you might just have missed some nit-picky (and they WERE nit-picky) details. We can’t fault you that hard, but which one did you miss? Was it the Glenn one? What psycho counts Lucille hits, anyway? We do, that’s who. Listen, we’re just glad you’re here taking the damn test. Now here, hold Lucille for us."

Next: Take the quiz here!

Take the quiz and see if you do better than I did. Talk about it in the comments. What questions would you ask if you were trying to see if someone was really a fan of The Walking Dead and a detail oriented person? Do you know the names of some of the Saviors? Ezekiel’s funny sidekick? How about some of the women at oceanside? Trivia is a great remedy for Walker Withdrawals!